April 26, 2008

Yasmin & Crash ROCK!!

Oh YEAH!, Talk about loving your job, this week has been chaotic and crazy and So much fun!
Meeting the Chicas, Yasmin and Crash from the hit show on MUN2 titled:" The Chicas Project",
then getting to style them for their Cornyation debut as "faux royalty" in King Anchovy's Court of Runaway Projects, was intense and smooth with the help of my assistants Mari Salinas and Chip Davis. The filming crew caught all the action for the series, which will kick off the 3rd season of the show, segment director Jim Mendiola and producer Faith Radle kept us focused(Thanks). A Big shout-out to John McBurney our hair and make-up genius. There's more, just that the King William Parade is about to start and we have art exhibit opening today, TCHOTCHKES @ Capsule Gallery, so I will have more details and pics coming up.

April 22, 2008


Just confirmed, I will be working with the Chicas, Yasmin & Crash of The Chicas Project on the MUN2 Network. The Chicas will in town for Fiesta 2008, doing all the zany actions that have made them one of the networks hits, just releasing a official soundtrack to their show.
As to my involvement, I will be styling and clothing them in original new work, for their skit @ CORNYATION 2008, Working closely with Jimmy Mendiola and Faith Radle, as they are producing the segments for MUN2.
The pressure is on and the outcome will be spectacular!!!!

April 21, 2008

Fiesta Kick-off 2008

A Few of the Moments from WEBB2008 @ the san antonio museum of art.
Friends & Strangers united for a important major fund raiser for S.A.A.F.
Fun and frolic, awareness and responsibility were the chants of the night.

April 17, 2008

Feel the Rhythm:WEBB2008

With the 2008 edition of the WEBB Party@ San Antonio Museum of Art, set to kick off Fiesta 2008 tomorrow, I archived some images from the last WEBB, I participated in.
That year I made clothes for the go-go dancers and had a vintage fashion show emceed by
Miss Brini Maxwell and her well to do ways. Alot of Fun and alot of hard work for a good cause,
this event benefits the San Antonio AIDS Foundation.
This year I was asked to contribute to the silent auction from local artists, I donated my original
ART OF FASHION Dress made of mesh and leather, plus a signed framed original picture of my Ballon dress circa2006.
AND I intend on documenting this for my archives and will share with my blog readers.
Miss you, Regina!

April 15, 2008

Scouting: Locales

This past weekend , I took my camera to capture the beauty and quirk this city has to offer, In the process I found myself looking at venues or public spaces as outdoor theatre, incorporating the exsisting structure/space to a more non-traditional outlet, in this case something I am familiar with in producing, such as a Fashion Show. In my process through downtown I came across the grand opening of The newly unvieled MAIN PLAZA, located in the heart of the city, right in front of San Fernando Cathederal. A fashion show there would be extraordinary, Possible? I snapped up lots of pics I even posted pictures, the dancing water, the backdrop,the vitality and sheer beauty of being able to pull this off.
Well, I just got an e-mail from the new director and let the talks begin..................
This is awesome news!

April 9, 2008

uplifting indeed.

Chicago, Indeed a inspiring city with underground rail trains, sky-high buildings ,
Fashion's Big names on Michigan Ave, street style non-stop, and awesome restaurants and bars.
I got a quick condensed tour of Chicago and loved it, especially the University that while I was there, They where exhibiting designs created by students.

edibles and spirits

I really enjoyed the celebration of the evening, as my new friends in Chicago were showing ME around the windy city, As to whom I met in Chicago well that's another post. coming soon!!!!

April 3, 2008


Cold out there.

Release: Project Runway

To protect the confidental nature of this project , I have been asked by the producers of Project Runway, to refrain from dicussing what has taken place over the last few days.
As excited as I am to share details, I have been instructed to maintain distance and privacy for the duration of this stage of the process.
While I do appreciate all the support you have given, I must strictly abide by this rule or risk disqualification.
I'd like to express my sincere gratitude for your continued support and understanding during this sensitive time frame

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