June 24, 2014


Things have been leading up to this great fashion event.
A FIRST for Goodwill SA in presenting a fashion show
From their stores. 
This Sauturday June 28th at the Goodwill's newest store
Located at 3730 North Loop 1604E at Bulverde Road.
Join me and fellow Goodwill bloggers Pam Lutrell www.over50felling40.com
and Pippa McLennan www.shopwithpippa.com
As we present our summer forecast of fashion 
"WORK IT" .... all resourced and some reimagined by me.
From San Antonio Goodwill stores
All the looks from the runway show and items will be available for purchase
After the show.
Models provided by the Agency Model and Talent
Fashion personality of Style Lush TV Burgundy Woods will
Report live from the event and behind the scenes 
It's a fashion revolution 
Makin from what already exists
Future libraries of clothing
In the future, we will have to rent the look we want.
It will be so expensive to buy new ....
Vintage is becoming scarce and with that prices 
Skyrocket, but if you reimagined it, it somehow becomes more affordable and current
Thanks Goodwill for being there for me when I could not afford to supply my small store
My small vintage store, you allowed me to flourish and I am one of your success stories
You just may not know it yet! I'm here to state ...the future finds us. Right where it needs us most.

June 10, 2014

Goodwill San Antonio Fashion show ....June 28th Saturday..... BULVERDE ROAD In store event.

Last years event.....center city 
Casting for this years summer fashion show for GoodwillSA
Models from Lari Nelson agency 
Taking their cue from Lari

June 5, 2014

Modern cheap necklaces all under $10.

Wood you wear me? Choker she'll love it $7.
Midnight might be best , moon and all necklace $6.

Crystal nights on a gold budget necklace $7.
Black stipend pendant $5.
Rhinestone drop kick it pendant $6.
Gold chain women $7.
Blue suede trues ...all beady necklace $5.
Hearts on fire..blue view necklace $7.
Be my lover neclace $6.
Knot in love with you necklace $8.
Oil for the masses pendant $8.
Simple little ones...$ 5.
Metal butterfly's $7.

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