September 30, 2012

A Quince for ........

Hello Past midnight and then some......Just got back from doing my nieces sweet 16 birthday celebration in Helotes. at bar/ballroom called Legends.I was the DJ and provided  the dance tunes for the night,my sister and I had previously talked about the music telling me she wanted all the fun line dances, music for the young teenage kids,cumbias,C&w,8o's and some Disco.I asked that Marina get a list of the songs she wanted to hear.
Today Saturday has been a work-er relieved that the society cancelled the run for the poor today because of the rain...My team form the bistro led by Fidencio, was asked to arrive at 6am sharp. that's early
I get to sleep In till 10:30am and realize I have to go to auto zone to get the sealant for the radiator..while there i picked a vanilla scented pine tree that mixed with the smell of radiator fumes coming from the car vents double =industrial ..fix you ...fix u...flexible adhesive ....listened to Reverie Control on You Tube...You know that Jacob..he's swell with his notes on A index card.

4:33pm I arrive at Legends..What the Hell? There is a tractor moving wet soggy sand/dirt from the small hill i come upon..I'm in my Xterra...and my wheels are spinning...not getting stuck Get my vehicle to the door and meet Grandy, my other white-haired female cousin, she informs me that I have to go to the back to the loading area...aha..I had just past that area and almost got stuck in the MUD..I did say to her...oh "NO"
as she looks away "It will be okay" ...I drive around..all mud around me splooosh splaash clay mud.., Im in combat boots,,ready for the world way....Reminded I still have to unload heavy equipment like heavy Speakers two, my amp, the cd players , my mixer , the cds, the laptop, the cords the TABLE..all needed to come down off the car on STAGE...wahlla...I did it with mud on my sole..Jeremy helped, Marissa helped Gavin just wanted to hear Gangnam style.he just 12 years old, Sandra , Raul, Mom, Dad,  one by one all the family showed here I go names.....Tia Rose, Fred, Tio Ruben and Amalia, Janel and David, Stephanie and her family Tia Sylvia with Eric and Smurf...Rosie from Corpus and All my distant cousins Ronnie and her husband. Rita and her family Tia Herlinda ,Martin, Lisa, Julie , Boy and his son ...then there is Julian, Julie's boy a dancer and a Talker.Raul's family also showed up  and A boy named JIM...a distant cousin..oh my my......a inspiration to serene bliss...any ways I was a jerk and as#@%8..I was just so annoyed at stuff and mainly the girls that Marina had around they just keep coming to the stage to ask for songs and I was getting super stressed and you could tell I didn't talk or get into in at all just played the songs and there line dances and bitched to everyone that came to say hi to me family mostly ..they just walked away smiling sorry for that  I did not intend to offend anyone, and to the girls i told to leave. i want to apolgize for my rudeness and hopefully the music made you smile I know it made you dance, I love my sister who blessed me with her love and charity........its work and artists need to get paid. so I go to sleep knowing that I tried my best and the memories will make themselves.....they said they LOVED the music and I pulled my niece after and asked her She said she had a fun and she loved the music.    Can i get a what-WHAT? .my mom said to stop being so hard on myself..."BE Positive"


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