July 30, 2013

Goodwill Fashion Re-works: Under $25 bucks

I'm really excited about my partnership with Goodwill San Antonio, officially a fashion blogger for the San Antonio stores. I will mainly concentrate on women's fashion trends and styling, incorporating a DIY Element and showing the process of the garment as it transforms into contemporary clothing for today's fast forward fashion enthusiast. Today our budget was $25.00, and this look is the result.
I trekked out to the Dezavala store, met with Sherri, the store manger, who was extremely helpful and kind.  the idea for this post was  that it had to have some glamour appeal and still be cool for the hot days and  summer nights in Texas, an ensemble that was carefree yet fashion forward ,and be under the  budget. Hope this is helpful and informative. Let's go shopping!

The Dezavala store
Found the plaid flips $2.99 
The oversized rayon scarf $1.99 ...score in yellow!
The bundle of goods..checkout!
So I started with the linen pajama pants $2.99, cut them into shorts and cuffed them.
The finished look. Satin day/evenings shorts with cuff. Effortless yet classic.
Juicy couture cotton tie-dye $3.99  Cut both of the sleeves for the bare shoulder look.
Yellow scarf $1.99 Tied several knots to create a neck piece that wasn't so over bearing.
Belts $1.99 each. Contrasting textiles to create a layered look with detail 
The plaid flip- flops $2.99  flats runway bound.
The finished look. Under $25.00 fresh and classic. 
Add a small feminine necklace to finish off. All the details matter. Go out and look fabulous!
Happy Goodwill hunting...changing lives and inspiring others.......................next time-A

July 26, 2013

New image

I do apologize for being away so long...pardon me..as I settle back in and observe and interject
So much to cover and explore , learn and share... that its hard to start at any one conversation
Introduce & Respond. Search & Transform. Freedom & Find. Truth & Spirit.

Everything matters.

July 2, 2013

July 1, 2013

Houston for days......

This has been two weeks of madness and fun, work and work....last week I was in Houston with my artist friend Adriana Garcia, who won a nation wide contest for her mural, from Jose Cuervo and her final destination for the work was Houston, I drove the u-haul! We met some talented artists and people. Then it was back to San Antonio, to host our annual fundraiser for Una noche de fashionistas,in October held during Fashion Week SA,the show was at Gallista gallery in south town arts district. Great event with some incredible sponsors

On a side note., I am really excited to be blogging for the Goodwill, hunting and collecting, I plan on styling inexpensive complete looks for men and women with garments and accessories I find at the Goodwill , plus in the process discover garments & hardware that can be up/cycled into contemporary fashions through before and after tutorials. So ....join me as I embark on a new adventure that brings a lot of joy to my heart! Curator & Thrifter.


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