December 27, 2009

2007 collection

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December 18, 2009

I met the most handsome/beautiful Indian Man

This is not him...just a shade of what the most beautiful Indian man looked like. I was hired to be the DJ for a holiday party and he was part of the company men and he gave away the doors prizes, with clever wit.
tall, lithe,and stunning. " I just can't keep my eyes off of you"
He danced to Ceclia Cruz " Tiene Tumbow" .with movement and rhythym and quite the dancer.
how could i approach it, people gotta know. when they inspire, i did not want to let it pass
So I asked him to be  a model for one of my future collections and he said "it's about time".
.. I saw him as I was loading the equipment and were able to speak
briefly and he is vwey interested in doing the modeling thing..But I think he may be more of a Muse
I got drunk on tequila,vodka,wine and beer..So maybe i imagined more...But I have his business card, so a must!!

December 16, 2009


Playing at The Friendly Spot this Friday for a law firm Christmas party..It could be fun, only that it starts at 4:30 in the afternoon and well being a dj for so many years, time of day is a big part of the mode people are in..hopefully it is open bar and we all get along.
Then Sunday I have the Sandra Cisneros Birthday Bash @ LUNA to celebrate her 55th, this is also a benefit for her foundation. Dear Sandra has selected music of all genres from the last 55 years of  popular
music and my task is to play those memories for her guests and it is going to be a blast..I am the closing act , I think my set starts at 10pm. whew....
then Monday night we have the official kick-off party for Una Noche de La Gloria 2010, AT Giovanni's
on Brazos and Guadalupe, this night I can chill and have a great time...let's do it again

December 11, 2009

Japan Lowrider Show in Tokyo Dec 2009

Interesting how the Japanese can make a culture their own. VIVA the Mexican style in Tokyo.
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December 6, 2009

My beautiful friend and fellow artist Susan Oakes

My sweet friend Susan Oakes  @ Tia Chuck's Christmas.
I have known Susan for 18 years in the art world of San Antionio. She is an incredible fiber artist who creates these stunning vessals from fibers. She stills exhibits her work. and It  was awesome to see her at Tia Chuck's Christmas  tree Sale. Always nice to see a smiling face encountered with a strong hit on my rib from a very healthy lady, She's got quite a punch,..that Miss Susan Oakes.// sorry to say I did not buy a tree that night from Tia, I was MCing the "scarf it up " art scarves runway show @ Stonemetal press, next door down the hall at Blue Star Art Space...corridors of art, I love S.A. for nourishing all these creative types for a creative economy that Blue Star Art Space embraces and thrives on.

third time around...

This is me warming up for the "glamarama gig" @ Jump-Start Performance co. this is the third year that John McBurney has staged this
legends of drag performance fundraiser...I did Not,.. do drag , I was the official DJ spinning classic/obscure disco gems on vinyl. It was a blast to hear that style of music thumping loud at the theater and having all the guests grooving to the sounds. Here I am on stage.
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Jimmy James Canales: performance artist

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our newest kitten le shug ahh

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November 9, 2009

Rococo y Rasquache S/S 2010 collection

Look # 4
Rita Varreros in

Mini dress hand-painted applique
cotton and canvas with tulle.

October 26, 2009

S/S 2010 "Rococo y Rasquache" Collection.

Look # 3 from my spring/summer collection, for all my blog readers.

Kayla(Avant) in:
white jersey shell mini dress, vintage fabric sash & skirt
embellished skull.

October 18, 2009

S/S 2010 "Rococo y Rasquache" Collection.

Una Noche de fashionistas 2009.
model Andrea wearing the watermelon/sandia dress. the infamous
stolen garment from this year's collection held in the historic West Side of
San Antonio Oct 10.
Andrea in:
Pink/Red Polyester triangle dress with zipper straps and felt seeds.

October 15, 2009

Una Noche de fashionistas: S/S 2010 AGOSTO CUELLAR

A Big thanks to Troy Wise who is always the professional and posts his images in turn-around fashion. He has allowed me to repost his photographs. So I will be sharing all 23 looks with my blog readers.
and a brief description
Alicia Herr of Avant in:

White jersey tank top dress w/
crushed velvet high-waisted
patch-work skirt

September 27, 2009

Upcoming: S.A.S.S 2010.

Our photo series, s.a.s.s: street styles of san antonio here at the diy/jiverefried is coming back in 2010. Using guest photographers to capture statements in fashion during the first friday event every month in SouthTown. Also Guest "style spotters" on the street combing through the hundreds of artistas & fashionitas on calle alamo.
Join us as we capture images from the street.
So in this next installment of S.A.S.S, the 2010 edition, the jive refried will be selecting the first
"Miss Sassy" award, honoring a local trendsetter who inspires others through fashion and style.
We are accepting nominations.

September 8, 2009


Me, in some new headgear profile shot.
the Tower of the Americas in the background
World's Fair 1968....Summer 2010 collection.
ala mejor!

September 5, 2009

Get Ready San Antonio, the date has been set for Sat. 10.10.09 in the heart of the westside. An ART exposition for all creative types to share a venue to showcase their talents and to sell their work to prospective art buyers/collectors
Art installations, poetry, theater,site specific performance art, fashion,film, dance and live music
For one-night only , History will be made and you can become part of this by just attending this FREE expo-experience fro 6pm-midnight .The Guadalupe Cultural zone


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