August 29, 2008

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Projection 2010

The student/aspiring designer showcase I produce yearly is gearing up to happen in 2009. I will be working closely with students from IADT, Thomas Jefferson Hign school and individual designers to create an event to spotlight the incredible talent in San Antonio and S. Texas....more details emerging soon
Here are some pics from last year, the designer Jhosiah Huerta.

August 24, 2008

Fashion Shoot w/ Eddie Baute: refried camera

Had a photoshoot this past Saturday with editorial photographer
Eddie Baute and showcased a few designs from Art Of Fashion 2008 plus a couple of garments that did not make it into the runway collection. Grand make-up and hair from Donna and Kim plus Margarit and the incredible models plus crew. As soon as the images are released I will share with my blog readers.....

August 21, 2008

On the Runway series

Melissa wearing a multi-colored madra halter dress. Big thanks to Melissa she
put all the images on disc's for me,Gracias! Photo credit: Saucey.

On the Runway series

Brittni in a gold corseted dress with vintage mexican hand-sewn sequins.
Photo credit: Saucey

August 16, 2008

I was on the Chicas Project Today, On Mun2.

The girls Yasmin and Crash were in town during Fiesta and filmed a segment with me helping
them find the right outfit for Cornyation, the girls were so much fun to work with and in the end they looked Stunning! I am also posting some behind the scenes images working with director Jim Mendiola, Faith Radle, John McBurney on hair and make-up, plus my personal assitant Mari, who did an amazing job with Crash and Yasmin, you can catch her as well in her national T.V.debut. sidenote: MUN2 is just not in spanish. so I think the next airing of it is This Sunday,
It's a bummer I don't have aTV but Jim did say he would get me a copy of the segment
How exciting!

Looking forward to seeing the CHICAS, come Fiesta 2009.

Jive Refried camera series 2008

,I most often take my camera with me when i am out and I wanted to share these images
as a new series I am calling simply, camera series:2008. It involves people, places,art and such.
no guidelines, just a look-book through my camera.

On the Runway series

Jackie is in a creme/gray metal mesh top with rooster feathers as accent, It is paired with creme satin skirt with animal hide belt and faux animal print headgear.

August 10, 2008

On the Runway series

Art of Fashion model, Lucrecia in a puffed collar/neckline lace dress with mexican hand-loomed
multi-colored attached vest.

Miss Fill-In model. worked the creme satin dress with embroidered roses on netting. it was paired with grey mesh breast plate/necklace.

On the Runway series

Miss Mary, rocked. in a hand-dyed peasant dress with ethnic eastern textiles at the top and bottom of dress, ( an out-door cloth hanging lantern). paired with a emerald deep green satin bow belt.

On the Runway series

Christine, strut it, in a black and metallic lace top dress adorned with rosettes at the neckline.
paired with a pastel pink bow belt made of silk.

On the runway series

Jessica, looking fantastic, wearing a padded halter dress, made of purple rayon sheen.
Adorned with red felt rose.
Hair: Lisa Weller Make-up: Cynthia and Aveda students.
photo: saucey

On the Runway series

Aminat opened my 2008 summer collection, "Mexican baroque to Raschachismo" @ Art of Fashion 2008. Held this year @ Blue Star art complex. Aminat is wearing a hand-painted
canvas dress showing the missions of San Antonio, worn over a leather and fur skirt.
Hair: Lisa Weller , Make-up: Cynthia and Aveda students. photo: saucey

August 2, 2008

First Friday: Images of Fashion

once again another First Friday came and the fashionistas were in swing
First picture: Zinnia, in Agosto Cuellar, looking smashing.
2: A spunky new client, with attitude to go with it, and my new muse.
3: Models in training, many hopefuls out there.
4. 4 Chicas, La Candace, who has been part of our history since the start
and Holly a Designer and musician, she rocks! and two beautiful model friends.
5: Miss Melissa, in Agosto Cuellar Retro-Camo.
6.Happy new sexy client who bought 2 original rock dresses by M.T.
7: Blanca, our dear friend and artist showing her new work!
Just gals who inspire and make us think,WOW!


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