April 25, 2012

What a crazy month.....And FIESTA is only have way through .Wednesday April 25, 2012>  The Harlandale seniors Fashion show with 10 women , senior women , one was in her 90's, what a story....later///// then the St. Vinny's show with Auguste Lorena and her cast of craziness and class ooohhh  off next to the WEBB party that benefits the San Antonio AIDS foundation....>>>SIX outfits, garments ,looks  it was an inspiring nightmare ,, I broke two sewing machines in the process,,,but that's another story/////  WE got the front page of the local paper THE Express-News  wowowoW..Susana, Esme, Kathleen, and Britnay  hair by Sam Paniagua and Angie Riojas...DYNO-artists and HOY...Today I got word that i was voted top 3 designer for the best of issue for the THE CURRENT.......im off today from my day job..planning my next fashion event ...this Saturday At Salute International Bar  MIDNIGHT called "Fiesta Me MOLESTA" so better get to work and make the clothes..............well that's another story//////


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Designer based in Texas. Creating One-of-a-kind Originals. Reclaiming textures and recycling Fabrics, I envision uses for discarded culture. I POP them into a new recycled life. I am a Painter, a colorist, a mobile D.J., A writer, a performance artist, a comedian, a boutique owner, an uncle,and a friend to few. How I see life through my words and pictures. Profess..or.....