February 19, 2014

Happy birthday , Lavaca! ( me )

February 13, 2014

Terrific Thursdays images from Mi Vida ( last week )

Nice....A bird shit on my Southtown is dead tee, that I coined and Beau designed ...what does that mean!
Being called a "wetback , faggot " yesterday at the grocery store by this skanky black woman with a huge trampstamp  and a big trap, acting roguish in front of her child.
My only thing for being yelled at was I was in Her way, and didn't move quick enough..uhh

Self-portrait 1994.
Lately , well really a lot of the time , as I paid more attention, this goes back years
The cat pins from back n the day.  Thank God Juki is still with me and Zeus
Here with Jimmy my co-worker first Friday
Mira! Very steampunk , I'm really a good guy! Haha
La Jessica, being my muse in a ice house...keep it classy!
All gifts from friends & family
Making my own little promos is fun. Therapy for a eccentric mind.
My friend Sarah said it's all part of this retrograde going on...
To make us all feel better, Más Rudas , the Chicana art collective of Ruth Buentello, Mari Hernandez
Kristin Gamez and Sarah Castillo, my above mentioned friend, decided to throw at freestyle 
Dance party tonight ...Tonight @Hi-Tones.. $5 entry ..part of fundraising efforts to curate an awesome female
Chicana Latina art exhibit at Mexi-Arte in Austin
Lend a hand 
Hasta la Gloria

February 7, 2014

Series " You heard it here first "

Continuing  my series of "You heard it first" playing the newest indie sounds form all the hot music bloggers, all the early music adapters, like me that break the songs down for our audiences. Here are my engagements 
My  weekly residencies 
The Friendly Spot:
Indie Sunday Funday
Transforming Tuesdays 
Alamo Street Eat Bar:
Indie Street Beat- Fridays & Saturdays
Activate- 2nd & 4th Thursdays of the month.

This allows me to play new music to a wider audience , providing an alternative to the mainstream. I try to post my playlist here on my blog or you can go to my website
www.agostocuellar.com  to find the link to my hype machine
Happy listening 


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