March 28, 2010

MOsaic Fashion Show sponsored by The Current and Blue Moon.

As part of the Mosaic show I was asked to create 3 garments for the event, I went a bit wild with the purportions, I had a blast doing this collection and I am now geared to finish my A/F 2010 garments for Una Noche de La Gloria in Oct.
be back soon////

March 22, 2010

una noche of fittings

keeping it "rasquache" here in San Anto. drinking my chamomile tea, creamy custard & blushing apple candle
 scent fills the room.Zee tries to exit the second story window via the ledge as VIA zooms by rushing riders home on this calle alamo , this roads leads to the cradle of liberty. the daughters that won't let us be...
..i love you so.....rebel,rebel....
Just in a few days, A small preview of "curiosities". my a/f  2010 collection will makes it's debut at  MOSAIC. an Art explosion to close CAM San Antonio 2010. This event is a benefit for SMARTS and takes place at 1906 S. Flores March 26. Okay so things got strange last week but i  Did  manage to do the fittings last week and all three girls look fiercet. and now below is a sketch for one of the garments in the show. Enshoy shoy...

March 9, 2010

New Mannequins are IN.

All the new mannequins in black have arrived and now I am going to showcase my Spring/Summer collection
with the intention to sell the collection here at my boutique in King William/Southtown.
I am waiting the arrival of Patricia Fields!!!


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