August 26, 2013

New Jewelry - work in progress and a snack plus an IDEA!

Introducing Designer Tortillas!! To match the season and colors ...working on it!

August 25, 2013

Top Twenty for the week of August 25th.

Empire of-Hat Trick
Lorde- Tennis court
Disclosure-Help me lose my mind/White noise
Rhye -The Fall
Milo Greene-1957
Gems-All I ever wanted
DIANA-Born again
Haim- Don't save me
MS MR- Fantasy
Misun-My time
Carousel - Stay awhile
St. Lucia -All eyes on you 
The Weeknd- Love in the sky
Lana del Rey- Summertime sadness (Cedric gervais)
Little Daylight -Glitter and Gold
Trails and Ways-Como te vas 
Chvrches- Guns
Tame Impala- Feels like we're always going backwards
Wild Belle -Keep you

Enjoy the music. Comment on what you like.

August 22, 2013

Color/Coded - Fashion budget $25.

It's  back to school on a fashion budget, and in San Antonio, our public schools require students to wear a uniform which consist of white top and khaki bottom, it being national thrift day this last Saturday , I headed out to the Goodwill on the south side of town to find a stylish school color accepted uniform, that could be worn by a stylish college student or a budget fashionista. Could I do it?  WHITE AND KHAI ARE VERY PALE. So I decided it would be detail that I would look for. 
So if you're  in school or not come along for some inspiration.
Happy Hunting!

Found the khaki pants that had details, a side zipper, leather accent, leg zippers. 3.99
Side zipper detail
Narrow leg zipper detail
Found this sweet, almost handmade sweater, has the feel to soften up the look plus a dash of vintage classic $4.99
Simple sleeveless linen top $3.99
White man made material  belt with concha detail $1.99

And I was finding other stuff................
Like this awesome plaid skirt 
So very Fall!
I had to make it part of the look, the after school look!

Vintage plaid knee length skirt $ 3.99

And this beaded top..IN WHITE!
I could not pass this up.
* this is intended for someone 18 & older.

Daytime look simple and clean. Pair with flats and minimal jewelry.
Simple minimal jewelry
Add a tie and bossy it up!

Outfit # 2 
Into the evening classic and cool
Pair with statement necklace
And pearl bracelet by ac19

All the goods from Goodwill under our budget of $25.00 

August 17, 2013

Pre-Fall rework: Skirt with subtle neon pop

A quick up skirt for the upcoming season, using a silk scarf, and a skirt with contrasting color backing. I created pleats on the scarf then attached to skirt, cut the excess fabric of scarf and folded the hem of the skirt for the pop of neon, then sewed it at the very edge and trimmed close to the stitch. All Goodwill items. Happy DIY Day and National thrift store day!

August 8, 2013


Late night

The evening needed to end early, it had been a really late night the one before . DJ set till 11pm on a Tuesday then proceeded to " chill to the max" with Daecos O. Met up with junaid Tay Mel friendly bunch all of them. We had a swell time! So now I'm up at 3:30 am hungry and blogging ///

August 5, 2013

Modern day twist on a button-up classic: DIY how-to-my-way.

Hello it's been fun in the sun... So Today I found a women's cotton button-up shirt
With the Santa Fe-Navajo design element, the first time it appeared on modern fashion was the late sixties, gaining trend status in the eighties ( from where this top finds us)
FAST FORWARD SUMMER 2013 : this look has become a staple, no longer just a fad.
Like animal prints..they are here to stay. So I decided to Upcycle the top into a modern day look by adding panels and some gathering techniques to the stomach-belly/button area, by cutting out that portion of the shirt, using the excess fabric from this and the cut-off sleeves, I made the panels and reattached them in a asymmetric style, also by sewing one inch from the side seams on the inside of the shirt , on both sides of the shirt, it creates a more feminine contour to the shape of the top, you can even include darts for the breasts, I decided to belt it instead with a faux leather belt of tribal design, I folded the shoulder excess fabric underneath, to  create a more dramatic shoulder ..also...By the way this is all still just attached with safety pins, The sewing part that keeps it all together.     The fun starts.....haha plus.....The necklace is made of safety pins and plastic beads attached to a gold chain. Total cost: $
Shirt: 3.99
Necklace: 2.99
= $6.98

2005 mesh & leather collection .ARCHIVES


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