February 8, 2015

Street Style Sunday Fun Day

Hello Everyone this is Street style SUNDAY FUN Day
First up the Lovely
Klarissa wears a space kitty tee, The cat lactic trend that's so hot right about now 
Paired up with a laurel green cardigan and a pair of sea foam green chucks by converse
Smart and sassy.

Love the retro style frames and red lipstick glamour

Erika is a fashionista extraordinaire  , her color palette catches all the  fashion seasons 
Vibrant shift into all things Spring and Delightful like the denim overalls , a current fashion 
Look that creates a casual yet defined look paired with a Forrest green waist coat tailored to perfection underneath a fresh bright Hot Pink mesh bod-con top finishing it off with a bold statement necklace , here in a perfect shade of blue that ties up this ensemble of all the right things.

Mel in a smart floral waist dress paired up with a cream yellow cardigan
That makes it soft and very feminine and chic foot action with those faux fur ankle boots
And let's not forget the wide rim shades. 
Oh yeah that guy in the top left...ignore him he's anti fashion

Lucy is classic career girl in a mans world 
Army inspired cotton button up worn with distressed denim and a pair of classic Stacey Adams 
To complete this power look that's says yes I know I look dam good .people make the world go round

Anel Flores wears the current reigning fashion look of polka dots and blue which are a match made in fashion Heaven 
Anel wears it right down to the new classic subtle vibe with a men's white undershirt 
That I absolutely Love in that combination , paired with the classic denim skinny leg jean
The crowning touch being the Stacey Adams in Tangerine Dreams. Viva la Palabra 

Nicky is fresh faces ready to model in a empire style top
Paired with black leggings and black wedges
Digging the hair style 

Jessica wears the stripes that hit runway with full force , a classic staple that feels new paired up
Leggings and classic red lipstick makes that smile radiate , the side curls are so fresh and clever 
I see this a future trend ,thanks Jessica!

Thanks to all the wonderful faces and fashionistas that helped make this street style post possible 
I really appreciate you and your style 
Artists of the world 
By Agosto Cuellar

February 7, 2015

Love is in the Air "The Love Owls"

For all the DIY lovers, this month of love is always a fresh reminder
That Spring is truly weeks away , let's shake the cold weather and snuggle up 
To a loved one, anit GOT one?   No problem ladies and gentlemen
Coming up HIS and HERS LOVE Owls
You will need fabric that that inspires you, her we come Goodwill

Found some plaid in the form of a mans large cotton button up
Let's cut this up! 
Also found some camoufage material in the form of a super hero cape
Very interesting...there's another DIY story.
Also some burlap with Asian images screen printed 
Also a pink baby blanket sewn in squares.
What a world my Gooodwill is.

Cut a diagram in the shape of a owl body

Cut out a belly part and two feet
Eyes and socket plus the nose
And the big red heart made out of found ribbon
Plaid hearts
80's Hearts
Cut out a backing piece that contrast the front , sewed them together inside out, then folded 
Back to right side , I filled them with recycled goodwill bags then hand stitched the opening close

Our love Birds ...ready to cuddle up with you!
Or make them to give to a loved one
Either way this will Be a very personal artistic gift that someone will cherish
Enjoy ,
Happy Valentine's 
AC19 Projects
Yea....she got Heart shrimp earrings! 


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