December 31, 2007

WE have History

I would like to wish a Happy New Year to all my friends and Fans.
and readers of this blog.
May the New year be filled with all the Joy and Love you can handle.
Let Fashion ring, let Art live , let music inspire your being. create..create
what you want.
let Passion guide you through.


of Me and You, the awesome team we Are, were and will be.
On this last day of 2007, my life is full of hope and determination
Big dreams in the horizon, Paths yet seen, with
my heart beating faster
to the moment that you. become.

December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

Like a lost Lamb, having traveled a long time to reach it's place in the world.
encountering the road to Love and the highway of Despair with dead-ends
and roadblocks, u-turns, speed limits, distractions and attractions.
Determined to stay on course to reach the Destination, To fulfill a dream.
I arrive to find My Father with open arms and embracing Love.

December 19, 2007

SPINning in 2008.

It's Official, I will be spinning the New year's eve party for THE LOFT 120 and LABKIDS. $5.oo dollars plus a bottle of champagne gets you in the door.
I will be spinning 80's nu-wave all night plus a few surprises. Vinyl is the WORD!
Dancing till 3am. Join us by celebrating an era through obsure musical gems, Come to Dance.!!
and Meet new Friends and Say hell-o to enemies, let bygones be part of the past , FOR 2008
this is the year of Breakthroughs.!

Revive Jive

This photoshoot was a great turning point in the direction of the spring/ summer vintage campaign for the Jive Website.
The photographer Troy , of Loft 120 and I, will be selecting the best images to
launch the website in early Feburary, our gorgeous model, Fernando Manuel will be the New Face of JIVE REFRIED.COM

December 11, 2007

Grotto at Midnight

I went to the Grotto at Oblate on the eve of the Virgen de Guadalupe celebration,
though I was the only one there, the event was cancelled because of the rain.
This created a beautiful peaceful expierence that seem to be just for me to witness. A calming effect filled me with joy and well-being, which I saw as a reward in the right direction. I was the only audience and it seemed celestial.

Bryan Garza of Scissors For Lefty

Upclose and close-up, an awesome performance by Bryan, Robert, James and Peter who form the band:
Scissors For Lefty. The new album is out now entitled: "Underhanded Romance".
What really rings true are the lyrics of the songs, one song in particular- "Bring us a brick"
with these lyrics "Now that we are, out of jive, things will change Ma, oh you'll see, pair of brothers, hear our heartbeat, love em long time, 'bout two weeks. Flip some coins, first nine
on their tail, one gave head, hump 'round little longer".
photograph credit: A. Cuellar

December 10, 2007

"Safer in the City" necklace

Currently Listening to :

the Besnard Lakes-"for agent 13"

Panda Bear-"Bros."

Santogold-"Les Artistes"

White denim-"All you have to do"


December 9, 2007

New Jewelry Creations in Photos

Clearing my Garden: for new SEEDS

Yesterday and Today I worked on "our" Garden, that we started last summer.
It had grown wild and untended for months, It had become a symbol of what was.
But no longer is. I took out fustration and resentment on the weeds and they are GONE!
Clearing it for future growth, A nod to the Promising future with God all is possible.
I can actually see the steps now, a clearing of the passage , allowing secure steps in the right
direction. I may stumble, but i know I am not Alone.

December 7, 2007

Smithsonian Holidaze

15 Artisans were selected to showcase their Art-Jewelry-Clothes, to a selected audience of
supporters and donors to the museum, which included some serious "movers and shakers"
of the San Antonio art scene. what is that saying "money makes you many friends", well
watching the interactions of some it is clear that this is a elite rich group. Not a bad thing
when you are hawking your wares/art to them. Only thing is that we seemed like a distraction,
as EVERYONE was catching up on stocks, their various companies and boozing it up ( I mean socializing) . That no-one really noticed us as the Gems we were and the sales were sloppy at best. WE are getting one more chance on Sunday to display our goods, lets hope this crowd is aware of the talent presented for their entertainment.

December 3, 2007


MY friend the "plumed serpant" . A snake with feathers. this is his last day as the Mascot
for the Museo Alameda, we will miss you , Mr. to La isla de Mujeres...........

Legend of Dee-Jays

My set-up for Glamarama:Legends of Drag.
It was a awesome expierence, to play disco music
from 1975-1980, the pinnicle of the dance/disco sensation.
The doors opened at 7pm, So i had one hour to play obscure
and classic tunes with a slant toward classic drag-queen
anthems and hardly heard gems, Of Course ALL on vinyl,
yes, yes...12inch singles to be exact.
The yelps and screams indicated I had struck a chord
with the sold-out crowd on this Day without Art event.
I plan on putting together a CD of the music I played that
evening for people who could not attend.

December 1, 2007

Happiness is just around the bend

A new Freind, Suehay, gave me this guide to a Better life. IS it that obvious that I am not
the Happiest as I could be?
a quote: " You Don't have to make someone else happy...To deserve
happiness for yourself.
As a matter of fact....You cannot make anyone else happy."
Yesterday is history, now is present, tommorrow is not promised.


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