November 29, 2013


November 26, 2013

Artisan's Alley

Today brought me out to the the artisans alley on bitters road in San Antonio.
Bin 555 quaint 
Bin 555
Raised deck, feelin' javalicious 
Leading up to the shops

November 24, 2013

AC19 2013

Sometime you feel like riding a bike. And getting paid more for your creations.

My new fun helmet that looks very chic with chains
Cheap couture..on the rise 
I repurpose and recycle , use what's available...rasquachismo !
The plaid shirt is making a popular surge back into fashion.can you say 90's....hum 
Plaid paisley ....not quite , bowlers hat ...don't think so...a bonnet with ties...definitely a hat?
Now this necklace art piece...I did not have for very long, I was able to snap a picture of it
Before the Happy customer snatched it away for the cheaps ////

November 21, 2013

. Thursdays are fashionistic so ...let's dress for success.

In this day and age of disposable fashions, where price is valued over quality, it is easy to find quick outlets that cater to the fast-fashion sector. I am more interested in what already exists and how to manage a successful transformation of garments and textiles found in my search, into contemporary future green wearables. 
These items I found yesterday,  on my daily hunting of garments/textiles in my beautiful city.

I have paired them up as a look that is ready to wear plus included some of my reworked jewelry and accessories 

This plaid piece is circa 1990 and paired up with coin belt/scarf from the 00's total cost: $8.
Vest, 10's, chains from belts and sewn to embroidery , original earrings by AC19
Purse 00's 
Complete look under $40.....amazing
Vintage replica western shirt in denim, vintage bolo tie, original earrings by AC19 total cost $25.
 Geometric bold colors on windbreaker jacket $18

Wool polyester jacket in bold colors perfect for now. $12.
 Cotton skirt with foliage print in warm colors $9.
Bracelet $3.

Scarf $18  Andy Warhol duffle bag $20.

November 20, 2013

Sound vision | Tracks & Bands for the 2nd week of November 2013

" I lost a confidante and lover now....I guess I found you out"
My top play this week , from rotations , comments and feedback
The honor goes to Sir Sly - Found you out.
Followed by these gems that are currently vying for space on the spectrum of sound
I call Agosto Radio. 
Inspired by what I love
In no order 

We are twin-the way that we touch
Youngblood Hawke-we come running
San Cisco-Beach
Leisure Society-Fight 4 everyone
Haim -Don't save me
Kings of Leon- Wait 4 me
US- Movement
MO-Dark night
Wildcat!Wildcat!-Garden Greys
Summer camp - Fresh
Citizens- True romance
Active Child-She cut me
Kisses-Air conditioning 
Blood diamonds-Ritual
Oh Land!-Pyro / my boxer
Tennis- mean streets
Santigold- shooting arrows
Broken bells- Holding on for life
Cut copy - we are explorers 
Dark side USA -paper trails
Lower dens-non-grata

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November 19, 2013

Sketches courtesy of designers ... January 2009 , The Express-News

My sketch for what I thought the First Lady should wear......hmmm this was 2009!
So I joined the racks ...only to desert 

November 16, 2013

New project new Art.

Started on a new art project , that I've been thinking about for a while , it will be unusual pairings of words to create a phrase or statement using a rearrangement server. Or anagrams on toilet paper rolls. The cats need food......

Pi Casas image world wide

 A handbag I created in 2000 using canvas and acrylics , repurpose the paintings. Then me by who?
Was reading about dark and lovely products in India, where skin color is seen as worth and the lighter you are the more desirable you become......pues Mija or mijo importa el color de te pieze
I love you, all all the colors and hues you bring ....


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