October 29, 2015

Coats and Jackets

It's starting to get a chilly in the mornings , as the Holiday season approaches it's time to 
Find some coats that fit our budget and style
These start at 19.99 up to 39.99 , so think of the Goodwill when buying a new to you Coat
With 18 locations in the San Antonio Area. So let the thrill of the Hunting begin.
White. Denim by Chicos
Sport parka by. Chico
Tweed Coat

White army style Coat

Julian Gold 
Vintage Coat multi ethnic

Flannel by Guess
Animal print 

August 26, 2015

Vote for us!

We have been nominated for Fashion Event of the Year 

August 3, 2015

Kerrville Grand Opening

Thursday July 23, 2015 The Grand Opening of the store. 9am
I hurried to arrive at 7am in Kerrville on that date.
Knowing we we going to have amazing day in sales, the anticipation was high
Having spent several weeks prior to the opening date, getting the store Grand Opening ready
Me along with the new Kerrville team and selected individuals from the San Antonio stores
A very strong crew indeed we proceeded to build the racks for the clothes or should I say assemble
We built a connection like Family..... the Goodwill Cast and crew. Ready to serve You! 
This post is of images I Took at the Grand Opening , nice the doors opened
The next set of images are of the store , that's the next blog post for now 
Enjoy my mages. 

June 8, 2015

Mason Jars 10 for $1: Great for succulents. Project under $5.00

Our Dezavala Goodwill location has boxes of canning jars priced at 10 for at $1.00
So I did a lunch time project using an aloe Vera hybrid succulent from Home Depot
The entire project cost Under $5.00 for two beautiful accent additions to any home or studio
Living plants that clean the air and have health benefits.
$3.98 for the potted plant
.49 cents for the dried leaves 
.20 cents for the two mason jars
Have A fun time creating your own. 

May 28, 2015

Goodwill changes Lives Thru the Power of Work, I'm Proof

Hello my blog readers, I've been on a amazing journey , and I never left my beautiful city of San Antonio, I'm excited to announce that I was hired by the Goodwill of San Antonio as the first regional 
Manager of Visual merchandising for all 18 locations, doing a job that I absolutely love, that's one of the reasons I've been away from my beloved blog for a bit, but I'm back to share the awesome work that Goodwill is doing in our community, providing jobs and resources for many.
On this post I'm sharing some pictures of the first store that I worked and helped with their merchandising needs , so far I've only visited six stores and I've been welcomed with enthusiasm and free reign to create a more retail oriented experience for our customer. Finding the beauty and charm in the incredible donations our stores receive on a daily basis, from our community that supports us by
Donating their new and used goods to us. Please take the time out to donate your clothes, housewares, furniture and Art to the Goodwill Changing Lives Thru the power of work. 
These images are from the The Bulverde store located at Bulverde road and 1604
I will be back with other stories and images, along with some DIY projects percolating in my studio.
Happy Hunting! 

March 26, 2015

Turn Men's Hawaiian shirts into a Spring shift dress.

With the Spring season upon us, the floral trend is strong this year on the fashion 
So here is an idea to turn men's polyester Hawaiian shirts into a cool free form shift dress.
Classic with a tank top and boots or pair it up with a classic denim jacket for night time pizzazz 
These two shirts were picked up at my local Goodwill for a great price.
So go out in style and never look back.


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