January 29, 2008


Documenting Matt's inspiration wall, while inserting video image stills from the Pet Shop boys.

January 26, 2008

The DOLLYROTS visit The Jive Refried.

MySpace image of the DOLLYROTS.

As it Happens....The DOLLYROTS

"Because I'm Awesome", the title of the new cd by the DOLLYROTS, which are in town for a show at RockBottom Saloon and shooting a video for their new song, Brand new key, .
The shoot is taking place here in San Antonio with my friend, awesome director Jim Mendiola, who is based in Los Angeles.The DOLLYROTS paid a visit to the Jive Refried this evening prior to their show tonight, I was asked by Jim to help give some thoughts on accessories for the video shoot, which is happening tommorrow at a downtown location. Kelly the voice had her rockin' outfit , slick denim pants with leather belt adorned with bullet shells, and a
light pink top with ribbons on shoulder and kickin' black and white polka dots heels( pictured but blurry) . She showed up lugging two green suitcases in a Faux-fur white vest spray painted in bright blue with the words "not Real" on the back,She said she was tired of people asking her.I LOVE it!! AND it seemed that she was making her own clothes though I am not for sure. I Did love her Style!
Chris (pictured in western shirt above) Found this western vintage shirt that fit the vibe Jim was going for, Chris is the drummer.Wow!
Luis,(far left blurry pic), Guitar man, decided to wear his own black t-shirt, though we did suggest to cut a slit on the front of the tee right at the collar, for a more edgy rock look. So now GO and look them up they have a really great sound , they are on blackheart records label, same as my friends, Girl in a Coma. I want to say thanks to Jimmy, for keeping us vital.
THE DOLLYROTS invited to put us on the Guest list tonight and we have yet to decide but it's looking like
this is the way it happens here at the Jive Refried. Lately.

January 23, 2008

Behind the wheel......

and steering toward Fashion Forward. This is Sahar, in test shots, as we select oufits that convey the fun and folly of THE Jive Refried. this red satin dress with all the bright tulle ruffles
comes close. Update: Photoshoot with Sahar and Asia, Photographed by Troy Wise, went very well and with the help of Henry De la Paz doing the girl's hair, who happen to be in same building doing a interview, with Will of the Labkids. Being around creative people all day is an incredible Job.

Fashion for Kids

Faux-fur Hunting cap, Fashion 2008.
Marley Conner, model.

Still more S.A.S.S.

SEE YOU Next First Friday for more S.A.S.S!!!!

January 18, 2008

More Street Styles from San Antonio, Texas

Oh Yeah, Loving the bikes as part of Fashion in San Antonio.

More styles as we continue to capture some of First Friday's Fashionistas

I have the last batch of photos coming soon. Yeah!!!

January 15, 2008

More Street styles: First Friday

Still more to follow..Check back I will be posting more .......

MORE: San Antonio Street Styles

More Standouts from the First Friday San Antonio Street Styles , there are more Styles to post from that evening, I would like to Welcome on board , our new
S.A.S.S. photographer, the awesome Troy Wise, super-charged to have him
documenting this Project of Fashion in San Antonio, with assistance by Frank..thank you Both.
I would also like to thank all the willing participants that participated in this project. As it continues to evolve So,
Show us your Style, we might just snap you in it.

MORE: San Antonio Street Styles

January 12, 2008

Street Styles;..so far....

I was only able to post three images from First Friday

still working on it......

are you one of the 3?


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