December 30, 2011

WOW What a night,,..... well how do you describe it? a job in a bar, as a bartender you see people change their demeanor as the alcohol seeps and creeps into the blood stream and they change into more aggressive assertive characters who could less , the liquor lets people get away with stuff, because everyone is drinking and  having a fun  time the common rule is,  closeness to others is  expected , I work at a very small bar called Salute on the famed St. mary's strip,  with a small tight gritty stage that almost seems too small to host a band , but musical legends have riden that stage to super-star status,such as Esteban Jordan, Flaco Jimenez, and many other who have played their magic and tonight was no younger musicians to older seasoned veterans of the scene , all jamming together

 dj Plata spinning vinyl and Sam's band, it was a very busy crowded night early on from the beginning ...a younger latino crowd seem to be the our audience tonight..quite a bit of family as well here to support their offspring , moms and dads ,   the band had the crowd going strong we were serving some serious alcohol from tequila shots to margaritas to jack and coke..miller light please 4 more!!
then out of nowhere a huge ruckus started and been people were throwing punches, a small latino who we had serving  all night budweiser beer and shots of tequila apparantly had been acting like a fool  the whole time he was there, annoying the other patrons and drunks ,,,,at the time we did not know.
that he was pushing them and  drinking their beer, but he was ordering for twoat the bar, he was the nicest man, by evening asking 3 white guys from Missippii,  who had been supposedly been rude to azneth the owner , when they were all at the bar ordering cocktails He turned to them and he made them apologize then turned around and said to her, te lo juro! that when he was around no one was going to disrespect her! around him.
oh really,,, so you start a fight in her bar and send people scattering to the floor, I saw someone's mother being thrown to the ground, it was not nice , a total out brawl, that one guy i mentioned got it good from several of the other patrons there  they were punching on him pretty hard and kicking him to, along with Teresa the drunk girlfriend of the leader of the band...who was at the center of the whole incident...just to see her crying at the end of the night  for totally other reasons than what happened to her on her birthday party..she was dragged on the floor as well and hit in the hand by all the people that entered into the brawl free for all!!!
no one really got hurt, it was more of a family that likes to fight, turns out the guy that got jumped is a friend of the lead singer of the band, Sam and his girlfriend or x"s family invited that guy to the show, only to kick his seemed planned.....pues who knows?

December 3, 2011


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