December 22, 2013

First day of winter: Goodwill finds LOOK 1

Happy Holidays,
All the Christmas shopping done, all the cakes baked, the time is now yours to feel like a queen.
And looking great does not need to be expensive, so off to Goodwill we go!
Find of the month:
1960's cotton full skirt with adorable cats and pink paw prints, perfect fun and festive for events throughout the year.

Creme blouse with purple delicate flower petal drawings, a light and dark contrast for a warm effect
This look can transcend from office to happy hour or Christmas party attire, with just a few accents.

A silk black and white scarf draped vertically paired with a gold and black statement necklace
Repurposed from a vintage belt and now bling that's affordable and bold.
I also added a small orange and gold brooch for a delicate touch.

Found this neutral leather and silver concha belt that could be added on for a added look
And to finish out the look, this bright houndstooth Chanel style jacket. You will be the hit of the 
Show or party in a fashion forward outfit all from the good folks at Goodwill

Through your purchases and donations, GOODWILL changes lives!
Merry Christmas All

December 18, 2013

New the end of the year.

New business cards designed by the Humphries ...

Mi pop up ESPACIO 
Santa showed up a few days early....yeah surprise!
Cool school

December 16, 2013

Zee the guard cat

Zeus or as I call him Z
Is mean and bites, but in a leave me alone way
He sleeps at my side every night
He curls up and finds his place next to me
He sleeps more on my bed than I do
So today
As I was coming back in from feeding the outdoor cats

I only have him and Juki, the small female, I had her since 2003.

He attacked me! He lunged at my leg and scratched me up
As I was trying to figure out was was going on he's ears drew back
And he was in a state that he seemed possessed and was hissing and making sounds of aggression 
I had never seen him this way and I was very startled, I love this cat, he know me
I have had Zee since 2005. I was so shocked, I stood my ground , yelling at him "what's wrong, what's going on?! It's me zee...stop it!!" He would not back down, then Juki started hissing, she was scared
And I was screaming
Of course, la vecina, the neighbor lady was bringing in the trash can for my Tia next door
And I'm at the door yelling at my cat, as he tries to attack me again.
I'm frantic...
La vecina sees me and asked 
"Es tuyo mijo" referring to the recycle bin, she has brought up from the curb
Only a few distance from where I'm having this cat drama unfold
I I respond " no" , in a weird face, I imagine 
It happen so fasts.
By this time Zee had run off to hide.
I got in my car and left. Freaked out 
Thinking of all the possibilities of WHY?
I was so concerned that he was going to hurt Juki plus I could not stop thinking about it.
That I turned the car around and prepared for the worst 
At a stoplight, a butterfly flutters near , then enters my car, I'm trying to inhale fresh air so my windows are down.
It lingers on my dashboard, which seems like a long time, so I start telling it about my cat and his attack ( lights still red) and to please flutter his wings to make my baby okay when I get back home
Green light... I slowly accelerate and the thinks its going to fly out does not
I'm still talking out loud, not wanting to think of all the possibilities or choices I had to
Make once I got home? I felt reassured , as the brave butterfly dashed out my window
Doing what it had to do ...continue to live its life but it had intersected with mine at a time
When I dealing with mixed emotions of a pet that I love dearly, my Zeebexar
I was home
I took off my belt, not knowing what to expect as I entered the house
Juki was at her usual perch, okay good so far
And Zee was on my bed, as usual, in his favorite spot..just looking at me
I asked if he was okay
He just seemed normal
So I approached him and let him smell me
And then I petted him and he let me
Hug him and kiss him
All back. To normal? 
I'm writing this twenty minutes later and he is all chill now
The fist two pictures are archive
The last one is of him ,As I write this 

I love him very much, happy things worked out this way!

December 15, 2013

Sunday Flying

Agosto Radio-Playlist week ending December 15th 2013

Beech-London Riots
Metric-Speed the collapse
Band of horses-Fued
John Newman-Love me again
Youngblood Hawke-Stars(hold me) Nancey remix
Haim-Days are gone
James Blake-RetroGrade
The leisure society-Fight for one
We are Twin-The way we touch
Du Tonc-Darkness
Wildcat!Wildcat!-Garden Grays
Gold room-Embrace
Sir Sly-Found you out
Summer Camp-Fresh
Active Child-She cut me
Empire of the Sun-DNA
Body Language-I'm a mess
Disclosure-Help me I'm losing my mind
Capital Cities-Love away
The Colorist-Little Games
Astronauts, etc.-Mystery colors
San Cisco-Beach
Nonono--pumpin blood
Jose Gonzales-Step out
Four Tet-Parrallel Jalebi
Passenger-Let her go(kygo remix)
Zero six-Don't call it love
Empress OF-realize you

December 7, 2013

Last night @Eat Bar.....freeze Friday Indie street beat radio show.

Here in San Antonio , I know we don't have it as bad  as in  other parts of the country, but it's still 
Cold, last night at First Friday it went down to 29 degrees , the people stayed in, the band cancelled
I , yours truly, was left as the sole entertainment....uhhm okay, I can do this! What's meow?
I set myself up inside the office with the the help of dalĂ© chine Dale , then he had the bright 
Idea, instead of using the speakers on stands that I usually use, why not run me through the 
house PA system, I thought perfect , I have a microphone in my dj bag , now needed a mic stand, happen to have one in my car, all falling into place the beginning of friendly Agosto radio show. This is how things start.
We had freshly made Fideo with carne guisada, black beans, tostada strips from Sabores food truck.
Took some images with the Chili Queens , their ambassador series of customers/friends sitting at the wheel of the famous food truck eating some recently made Fideo , their version with corn chips and 
Cabbage, owner/chef Ana Fernandez directed and photographed the quick shoot 
Sean peezy at the bar, slinging to a few, the playlist was rockin the new swizzle , I was in radio voice.
And I loved it..away from view, in a warm capsule of sound.
Oh yeah...
I'm doing it again tonight
Indie street beat radio with Agosto Cuellar 
Alamo street Eat Bar

November 26, 2013

Artisan's Alley

Today brought me out to the the artisans alley on bitters road in San Antonio.
Bin 555 quaint 
Bin 555
Raised deck, feelin' javalicious 
Leading up to the shops

November 24, 2013

AC19 2013

Sometime you feel like riding a bike. And getting paid more for your creations.

My new fun helmet that looks very chic with chains
Cheap couture..on the rise 
I repurpose and recycle , use what's available...rasquachismo !
The plaid shirt is making a popular surge back into fashion.can you say 90's....hum 
Plaid paisley ....not quite , bowlers hat ...don't think so...a bonnet with ties...definitely a hat?
Now this necklace art piece...I did not have for very long, I was able to snap a picture of it
Before the Happy customer snatched it away for the cheaps ////


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