May 31, 2010

A party I was at in 2009

From left to right Lil Rose(dreads),Zul,unidentified guest,Deborah,ME,Paulina,Lynda-Anne(twins faces not seen)This was at David Zamora Casa's Studio
on Fredricksburg Rd. and all of us are dancing to music by Irene La Sirena<3
what a fun inspiring night in San Antonio.Texas small but weird!!
and the next image is of me in a panther furry mask, it now seems a bit strange but it
actually did happen photo by Jhsoiah ..I believe Mr. New York..bueno bye!

May 26, 2010

Interesting week so far, one of my investors was a bit concerned about his investment...ME
we had a interesting discussion and we both sleep on it. the following morning we spoke again.
Glad to say, that they plan on continuing to work with me and my team. Very relieved  feeling is good thing, now I can continue my production of my Spring/Summer 2011 collection  FAKE EMPIRE.
Today I took test shots of my other male model A. Serrato, with all his tattoos and attitude
this is part of the new print campaign for JRMENS collection. long tanks and tees.
things are looking like they could rocket..GOD only knows.

May 23, 2010

Raul in my studio

My dear freind Raul stopped by my space in Feb of this year as I was working on my Mosaic Fall 2010 collection and had to try on one of the garments I was working on..This man is an incredible artist and recently annouced his engagement.

various pieces from my collections from last decade.


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