September 9, 2014

Runway En La Calle

August the month Agosto the man.

This month was one of the most trying 
It has been a whirlwind of emotions
A slate of stop and go
A mirror reflected at everyone
Yet so obscured it only seems like a bad version on VHS
Birthdays moms
Dad falls off the office chair as he lean backwards
Tile floors are what they want in there
Living in the country. 
My parents are still young my dad is going to be 73
He was rushed to the emergency room at St. Luke's
Monday last week ......had brain surgery on Tuesday, the following day
Now has two metal plates on the left side of his head
He has made an awesome glory to God recovery
One week ago today......was his operation.

He was released home on Sunday with amazing results
The doctor said it was short of a miracle
It was the grace of GOD and the many prayers warriors who prayed for my 
Dad's recovery
I went to visit him yesterday at the ranch
On the harvest moon. 
I lite the grill and cooked a ribeye for him and my mom
She made baked potatoes with sour cream and ranch
I ate a bologna sandwich with chips just cause, I felt like a kid again
Helping my parents. It had been a while.with my commitments to so many things
I had not made time , but put all other projects aside,since my daddy was sick and I had to be strong and near to them.
My focus was blurred on my work, it has suffered and is not ready to be shared with the
World these creations I have been working on are dear and close to my heart
My production of Runway En La Calle, which also includes my spring/summer collections for the past 5 years has been an extremely demanding project
This year... it's toll caught me off guard with all of life's unexpectedness 
I have decided with my number one mentor my MOM , that this year I will not be showing a collection of my garments at Runway En La Calle, the event I have nourished from the beginning, I am retaining the producer title, since the show is this Saturday
In the historic westside of San Antonio 
The other featured designers have stepped up and I am confident this will be an amazing event as it has been in past years of me producing and designing.

I do feel I am gearing up for Fashion Week in San Antonio November 1-7
And believing I will be able to showcase my current collection via video.
Hello September issue days!
Hello fellow friends and readers
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