May 29, 2014

My seven year anniversary of starting this Blog is coming up in September 2014.

Some past images that I have posted on here.
Through  the AƱos .....from the jive refried to
You heard it here first fast and
ESPACIO ....just a small peak a boo 
More to follow..I'm starting the celebration now.

May 27, 2014

Pants wide legged S/S 2014 Agosto Cuellar

The Brick MarketPlace. In pictures.

Great market  with Bryson Brooks, Franco Mondini-Ruiz, Elizabeth Ciarfeo, yaya's and more.
With DJ Armando playing French jazzy favorites for the patrons who are being served
Champagne , wine and beer ...not all at once
Raw and real these images are not edited at all.
Love the space ...soon to be a dance bar.  Yes, as I was packing up a 7 year resident of blue star
Stopped by to ask how the market went , also to voice her concern of the bar or disco as she called
It that was opening up...she stated it was the 8th liquor license in 11 months for the the complex
Wow.....they find find vomit every weekend,,all around there spaces.....yuck..people be well.
Franco's work.
Bryson Brooks

May 22, 2014

Bandana Clutch

Summer project using bandanas
A clutch for your big purse.
Find your valuables.

May 19, 2014

Work clutch ....

Made from work pants, lined with mexican flag bandana, reporposed zipper, 80's
Belt buckle in sky blue with gold accent in plastic. Let this gem fly high!

May 13, 2014

Short stories.

It wasn't suppose to end that way , but Vick knew if Mateo 
Didn't leave immediately one way or another...they were going to kill him. I picked him up. Walked
Up that humid hot stretch of pavement , leading to the safe zone. 
Check ins , double locks, security pass .
He looked unfamiliar, red as beets beaten to a pulp
Swollen eyes that I still loved , cheeks that had cried & dried
Up the crazy river ....catch the blue trolley
It would take him a whole day to reach his appointments
When the old building was not torn down, he would wait.
I would wait..the river gives up her bread and wafers to those 
Who antepasados cultivated this land.
"Can she really feed us" asks Emilio, thin frail son of Mateo
At nine years old, he knows the situation was grave and he's starving 
For attention ...meaning really to say 'can she really help us?'
His mom needed her son back , with his son. It was the only option
Send them back to Florida. Would it happen?

written by Agosto Cuellar. all rights reserved 2014.

May 7, 2014

Summer Hats UpCycle

 Hello community of creatives.
Theses are the hats as I found them 

The label says 100% Linen, which made it a lot 
Easier to sew on

Found a vintage lace collar on a shirt, carefully removed it to apply on my 
Sequin cap
Bag of studs from the house of Huerta , I added them for transformation 
Blue yellow enamel triangle that was once an 80$ earring , since losing its 
Partner and pair in the mid 90$ ,it makes a stunning comeback as the 
Crowning jewel for glamour in San Antonio that reason..we look twice!
Side angles and slimmer shots. One lone diamond stud awaits your touch
Shine a new glow and reap the wild wind...prance and dance to the beat of new.
This can be worn with denim and white with low wedges or sexy flats.
Create a bohemian look with a neo classic ethnic twang.

This becomes the Veiled Lace baseball Cap ...a sure fire head turner 
Be ready to explain your creation, cause it looks smashing 

Now this was the most fun piece..using plastic from a Jurassic park play tent set
I used the vibrant colors to lift up the hat worked by adding the stud element 
That is hot on the current fashion trend.
Hope you enjoy these up cycled creations ..that were created from items I search and hunt for from different Goodwills in the San Antonio area.  *sponsored 
The before shot.....very DALLAS .....JOAN COLLINS.


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