July 21, 2012


July 7, 2012

Friday night true stories

First Friday in Southtown, Me as the musical navigator, providing the soundtrack to the night of runners going from pub to pub, in outlandish get-ups and outfits recalling another holiday, though the attires did reference the 4th of july ...red,white and blue...everywhere My set list is up-beat and fresh and I am set up next to a table , that is getting an earful of loud sounds...brave souls and music lovers gather around. Step up a "busty latina" with a low cut revealing dress.Yells from the table, she has just occupied with her non-latina friend, who is texting and unaware of what's going  on or simply ignoring her friend, "You Like my titties" ..staring dead center at me, she continues " You are not looking"...was I not looking? well then I LOOKED and THEN I went off saying, " I see titties all day , i make clothes to fit all sizes....boobs here,, titties there.YEAH I see you titties" She gets up from the table she is sharing with her friend and she presses up against me really hard saying "I don't know why , but when I like what i see , I let you know and I like what i see"   OH SHIT this bitch is for real!..then she continues "If i am too much and you need your space"...noticing my apparent uneasiness  that had taken over ..I just wanted her to back the fuck up!!   my response "IM Working, here" she curtsies and walks away. ...I also met a guy named Mario , who loves indie music and also Got to see Joaquin , one of my models from a few years back...He did say "You need to be my new best friend....but I'm not gay"  haha I replied " I alredy knew"...RIGHT


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