November 29, 2007


December 15th, 2007. Shopping and Sampling are the main attraction of this new exciting event in San Antonio and Southtown, Happening at one of the newest, innovative, creative hotspots in these parts, LOFT 120, an art gallery and so much more, located at the Blue Star Art Complex

and run by the creative forces of Frank and Troy, which are catalyst to this emerging scene.

The event runs from 6-10pm, $10/bucks gets you in the door to check out shops and artists featured: Girlfriends Clothier- Gourmet Body Treats- Florame- Commercor- Sensual Chocolatiers- Kailo Chic- Silpada- Agosto Cuellar.

Yeah i will be showing some recent garments/art pieces for this exciting show.
(pictured above photography by Troy, clothes by Agosto Cuellar, model Kat)

speaking of new markets,

the Smithsonian Museo Alameda holiday Market, set for Thursday Dec.6th, 3-7pm and Sunday Dec 9th, noon-7pm, this event takes place at the museum located in San Antonio's

Famed Market Square, I will be selling one of a kind creations, mainly wearable art, jewelry and some new Hand bags. Lately i have taken wall hangings and such and turned them into jewelry.

(pictured above is such a piece, a ceramic asian face found on a wall hanging)

November 26, 2007

Glamarama: Legends of Drag

The First ever, Glamarama: Legends of Drag. Set for December 1st, Worldwide Day without Art. My friend John is producing the event at Jump-Start Performance co., Blue Star art complex. I was asked to D.J. the event and am honored to be part of Drag history in San Antonio. As long as I play the extended version of Diana Ross' "Love Hangover", I will put a smile on many beautiful faces.Though at this point all the table seats are sold, what remains is general seating and standing-room only. GET your Tickets!@ jump-start
This evening was the first of 4 rehearsals prior to Saturdays show and Wow! , the show is going to be stunning and glamtastic.
The stage manager was extremely cute. i usually don' t write like this but Wow!
I may be there all other 3 nights for their rehearsal. Jump-Start employs some of the most
talented and cool people in this area I have been fortunate to be part of the long history of Jump-Start Performance Co.
Performing on those stages many times as a solo performance artist or as part of an ensemble production piece. theater is in my blood, i hope at some point to produce a play.
But that's another story.

Projection 2008: a Success!

The student showcase that I produced on Nov.17th, was a immense Hit, with a sold-out crowd.
We were turning people away at the door. The line to enter started to form around 6pm with the doors opening at 7pm and showtime at 8:30, by 7:15 or so, it was capacity. no more room.
The behind the scenes was intense:
8 designers, 45 looks, 45 models, 16 hair and make-up artists, 10 assistants, and then some
we had 2 venues to house all the designers and their crew, thanks to Lisa Weller who allowed us to use her new Hair salon, yet unopened, as a space to prepare. Dana of R.E.M gallery
also allowed us a brief resting spot(pictured above in Jhosiah Huerta).
Blue Star Brewing, also provided 2 spaces for our aspiring designers, one of them was lucky to get an outdoor 2nd story patio as their dressing space.
Others were in hallways, blocking doorways and being loud, causing tenants of the art compound to question our being there. A true happening.
D.J. Rise rocked the show.
the Designers stole the show.
Proud parents and family was in full support.
fashionistas and other local designers squeezed in to show support.
the Fashions were Fierce and Grand.
Every student designer showcased their work, to great responses.
smiling faces , happy hearts and big dreams collided on the runway.

thanks to All who supported this event, Loft 120, Frank and Troy, Labkids, Courtney,Kristine,Chip,Leonard and many more, due to the success of this show,
I plan on it being A annual event, allowing other aspiring local designers
a venue to showcase their creations and vision.
there is something going on here, a revolution of art and fashion.
San Antonio, Texas!, that's where I'm AT!

November 15, 2007

Street Styles November 2007: San Antonio

Street style in San Antonio, This First Friday in November fell on DAY OF THE DEAD. The mexican celebration of remembering our dearly beloved. this brought out an eclectic crowd for the Day of the Dead Procession, that proceeded down South Alamo toward Blue Star Art Space. As we document Fashion in SouthTown and San Antonio<>

November 9, 2007


In a little over a week, the culmination of several fashion events that have filled my calender, since early July are coming to a close, the last fashion event I am producing for 2007., Happens
Nov. 17th, A student showcase titled: Projections 2008.
Eight aspiring designers, each in charge of all the things involved:
1.Motivation or Passion
3.execute garments models
5.find models
6.Hair & Make-up
7.Music for runway
Well not quite that easy, when you see it written , it seems easy.
I am one to know it is NOT, this is WORK, and this Hands-on Approach
to all the parts that make a runway show happen, allows the aspiring designer
input and knowledge in all parts of the production.
We are at the last details and the show is just a week ahead.
And the students are restless:
1.nervous calls from one, who has no models.
2.angry e-mails from another.
3.unexpected visits from one, to approve of their music selection.
4.and the quiet one, who made his own handbill,to promote the show.
the intensity is high and nerves are frayed, but the show must go on!
40 looks are expected to show that night.
I will bring you the Highlights soon.
This is the start of a annual showcase.


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