July 29, 2008


DZC: Speaks at SAMA

This takes me back, Got a chance to catch up with David Zamora Casas, as he was getting ready to present himself as only he can. He was preparing to speak about his body of work that spans from 1985 to present, his various personas; Nuclear meltdown, is the one i remember most, their were others. You see I have known David since 1986, travelling the art circles and art openings in San Antonio. we had similar aesthetics and found ourselves in 1990 founding a art space called The Anti-Oppression Church of Hard-Core Folk Art. located on Ave E., near the Alamo. It was a breeding ground for art, street performance, pefrormance art and happenings
that generated alot of buzz and art patrons, at the time these were the spaces we gathered in,
since we were shunned from the traditional art institutions and not given an opportunity to show our work, therefore creating a art salon in our separate spaces, we also called home.
Hearing these references to the things we were doing as artist back then, just makes it all the more important that we document our work-in-progress. I have a feeling me and David might collaborate in the future as we did in the past, we are just much wiser..we hope.

enjoy the images from DAVID ZAMORA CASAS SPEAKS AT SAMA 2008.

July 28, 2008

pictures from the runway

sorry these are grainy, they were taken with my s**tty camera.
MY Photographer was riding his bike, when I saw him and
without a doubt, he is gonna turn it out..so check back in a few days .......for now this is a tease..(sorry, i cut off their heads)

Review: Art Of Fashion 2008

With all the commotion of putting together my Spring/Summer collection together, I have not been able to update my blog, so This morning I will try to catch up my readers.
It has been a little over a week , since the designers presented their new collections at the Art Of Fashion 2008, It was an incredible evening showcasing Designers. AND
We got Press! Micheal Quintanilla, writer for the Express-News. "probably the city's most eclectic and original style event", Nice tag line for a fashion show I started almost 10 years ago, to draw attention to the unique area we live/work in, SOUTHTOWN is part of the main street alliance, Arts/Business Disrtict in San Antonio. At the time I was on the Southtown board and suggested the fashion show as a fund-raiser to benefit the corridor and create awareness for local design talent. Then, we were using parking lots and unoccupied buildings in the area to present our annual style event and it just grew to a huge fundraiser, with the help of fellow designer and visionary, Angelina Mata of Euphorium, she over the last 3 years has moved the event to the Blue Star Arts Complex and raised the level of the show to a must-see event and in the process connected other institutions with the event: IADT, Incarnate Word, and Aveda, all providing students the opportunity to be in the thick of it. A real life, hands-on expierence for future Hair stylists, make-up artists and aspiring designers. Not to forget the beautiful models that donate their time for exposure and expierence on the runway, Could not do it without YOU. A Big thanks to Lisa Weller of Twirl salon for the stunning hair and CYNTHIA for lead make-up artist with the assistance of Aveda students, great job! thanks to
Lari Nelson Modeling and Avant Talent. okay.. more about Fashion

Micheal goes on to say " Cuellar, A Southtown favorite with a shop on S. Alamo, sent out beautiful lacey looks (channeling Prada'a fall inspiration, maybe?) as well as skirts and dresses that were patchworked. Others were fur-embellished or adorned with Mexican embroidery.
Tiny mirrors, bric-a-brac,and pony hair touches were worked into many of the looks in his collection he called "Mexican baroque meets peasant damas of the noche"."
Prada? No I don't think so, It was more like high-brow meets rasquache.
Rasquache: to create with whatever is available at hand, beauty out of nothing.
As an artist I find that the mashing of textiles and fabrics is part of this process for me.In creating garments that are wearable, yet artistic and becoming, finding new uses for
overlooked americana. Folk-Art Fashions?

Leigh Baldwin of the CURRENT, writes "Agosto Cuellar, uses pieces that come his way as inspiration for tongue-in-cheek architectural expressions" and
"the collection was a lovely mix of wearable high and low- restructured Mexican embroidery, faux fur,painted fabric,and lots of bright delicious, ethnic touches. the pieced mini-dresses were perfect, and a flowing madras wraparound halter dress said everything you need to know about July 2008 in San Antonio" yeah that sums it up, thanks to Leigh and Micheal.

to find articles; Express-News: mysa.com / keyword: SA life.

Current: sacurrent.com/arts.

July 23, 2008

Reviews are in Thursday

Well another Art Of Fashion has been presented and all the designers put forth a great show.
Kudos to all the manpower provided by the many artists that volunteered their services, the interns that served as assistants, Hair designers, Make-up artists, students, friends and Family, for all your support. It makes what I do, every the more rewarding, allowing collaboration and
sharing of knowledge through the art form of FASHION. SO,
Mr. Micheal Quintanilla of the San Antonio Express-News, presents his review and commentary
in thursday's edition of the S.A. LIFE section about the work in this year's edition, Put together by Angelina Mata of Euphorium.

Anxious, a bit...more curious.
I have images from the show soon.


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