April 30, 2014

Dynamic Lucia Cuellar est 2014.

Dynamic Lucia

My grandmothers name was Lucia Castillo Cuellar
My aunt Linda Cuellar Gonzales gave me my abuelitas dynamic sewing machine
That my grandfather Augustine modified from a manuel to motor driven.
Here is the machine that I learned on as a kid
My wela was the one who taught me to thread and sew
So I dedicated this line to her loving memory.
Instilled with pride and passíon 
Que viva rasquachismo!
Soy chicaña y Que¿

Day 3 Cornyation Empire Theater San Antonio, Texas Fiesta 2014

Three day event and party...still recovering
This was the King and queens dressing room
Along with their court.
I was the official designer to Queen Anchovy I 
Just a snippet of digital IPad images from my archives.

April 28, 2014

My ten favorite things ....in 2010

The beautiful Christine Hernandez wrote an article for San Antonio magazine in Feburary 2010
For their "I Love S.A.: The Love Issue" edition 

I was
Honored to be included in the issue
The top ten things have changed 

The jive refried drink still exists at bubblehead tea....just not my favorite any more.
Now I drink craft beer that taste like coconut and well it's beer! 
No longer living in Southtown ....i do miss it ..but not really, I'm always still in the hood
I'm just now living on the westside, my barrio Lindo and I love it...
I still love the Agosto taco at Tito's ...recently had it again ..after years of not.
I love Japan
I love hunting for goods
 I Love the then new friendly spot
My gatos!,,,,
My IPAD .........omg 
But I love DIGITAL...
Early adapter 
Now I have ESPACIO 
And was just selected best Designer in San Antonio by the Current readers in 2014
I'm currently working on my 2015 Spring/Summer Collection
"sintoñio" which debuts in September for Runway En La Calle during Una Noche En La Gloria
In the historic westside of San Anto 
Save the date 9-13-14.
Thanks to the Goodwill SA organization for designating me an official blogger for their San Antonio locations.
Had a amazing time being the designer to Queen Anchovy I , Jody Bailey Newman
This woman rocks and I love her energy and commitment to causes that unite our
Community ....The Queen of Cornyation Official Fiesta event year 49.
More stories más later
You know I have to sew...............so..."...""'"..............

April 24, 2014

Day two Cornyation official Fiesta event

Crazy I say...like no other party in town. The court of the King and Queen Anchovy..Cornyation!!
Part 3 is tonight and I will have more images from the bowel of ranch and cheap
In the process raising funds for SAAF.

April 23, 2014

The First night of Cornyation Fiesta 2014

I arrived early at the Empire Theater..for opening night of Cornyation, a mad crazy parody of the official 
Coronation of the Queens Official Fiesta Royalty ....the three day debauchery, raises money for 
Aids related organizations. It's all out creatives in the house...San Antonio's drag and creative artist community come together to put a show on like no other...this is year 49. 
So these images are the calm before the cascarone cracks.
These are from day One
Two more to go

(Yes, I know we shouldn't celebrate fiesta , with all it's evil oppression & mentality....       )


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