October 22, 2012

AGOSTO CUELLAR'S Japanese Mountain Witch Hags 2013 Collection

AGOSTO CUELLAR, Designer . 2013 Collection. MOuntain witch hags

October 20, 2012

diego;s birthday happening

We are here at Alamo street bar, saturday night in the city with beer, wine, food trucks and dj jj lopez spinning the jams,kepping the beat poppin' I am the opening dj and the closing act , i have heard confunkshion, sugarhill gang and brick , just to name a few...rapper's delight   cool brezze blows my  wey ...old school  everybody can sing along  we know the lyrics and the double beat ,,,loud motorcycles zooming by who's zommin' who?  I said hell sweaty ..two friends gettin' snappy with the instramental version....

October 18, 2012

Una Noche De Fashionistas 2012

Year number Four..Comes off as a great success, in our new home ..The Guadalupe Plaza...See You Oct 12, 2013.
All the Designers that showed that night:
Sarah Castillo
Elizabeth Hernandez
Angelin De Carlo
David Reyes
Fuerza Unida
Agosto Cuellar
WERE A HIT , With the audience ,,they all did an amazing job..KUDOS to the entire CREW!!
who made the night of fashion happen. Our awesome audience who supports us on the runway, every year.
my work this year can be described as chiffon,gossamer,delicate,sheer,ethereal,
all folly they say....play dress-up all day...no money to be seen...make your collection green
celina brinker
venus taylor
morgan pointer
courteney lerch
kaylee gillespie
brooklyn sutton
britany parker
jazzmyn chandler
eryn jackson
aiyanna johnson
bionca marie lara
alexandra hansen
steve ellison
jaime gonzales
lari nelson fashion group
esme garcia pro mua
maria garza
trina bacon 
david torres
katherine brown
leandra hernandez
micheal quintanilla 
jade esteban estrada
gabriel velasquez
richard sanchez
rudy ornelas
and Paul.
these are are just a few of the people 
behind the scenes ..bring you a fashion show and Art EXPO
like no other in San Antonio.   under the directions of CALO, hundreds of artist converge to share their art/craft with a receptive audience/customer. Providing a platform. creative economy starts when you teach the artists a means to reach their audience/consumer/customer/art collector/informed activist.

As Producer of Una Noche De Fashionistas. I envision a day when San Antonio is seen as a major producer of Designers, MUA's, Hair Designers,Stylist,& future fashionistas.WE ARE the Paris of the south!..I have been producing fashion shows in San Antonio since 1997. I have seen it grow and grow just since then...
seeking donors for next year's una noche de fashionistas:5 
if interested ,,,leave comment.

October 15, 2012

Agosto Cuellar's Katrinas Kouture Procession

The date has been set. November 2nd 2012
2nd annual Dia de los Muertos /day of the Dead.
Historic La Villita Downtown San Antonio.

more details soon///


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