November 7, 2013

Bling Bling Fling benefiting The Martinez Street Women's Center Bonham XChange

Councilmen Diego Bernal and his fiancé ...I think ...I may be wrong...
I really don't know...but they sure look happy together! Awwww.
This was the save the date teaser for tonight's event.
The food was really good and served bite size, these awesome volunteers did a great job keeping every one fed, yummy things...
La actriz Mariana Vasquez, tomando su cerveza , lista para ser la Molly , Orta vez.
Maria Reading to the crowd , a bit about Hap Veltman and how the Bonham Xchange was on
A list of clubs that was off-limits to military personal in the 80's...
Open up that dance floor with legend Micheal Casey. extraordinaire 
The  "Troubled women" drag finale
More dancing.....
Disco Flare
Disco flare y mas......
Blue bayou 
La Shimi Shimi coco pop make me feel mighty real
Girls get down tonight!
Lights and music on my mind
Be my baby....girrrrll ..sing that song
Fire fire .......
Caution girl 
Your loving audience ....just can't get enough
It was a night to remember ...for a great cause gracias to Jolene Garcia, Director. Of MSWC.
Buenos good bye...
All images Agosto Cuellar 2013. All rights reserved.

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