November 13, 2013

El Rancho grande!!

Structure still standing from past generations, beautiful and historic at the same moment.
The second structure on the the ranch that also dates back a couple of generations.
Serene & tranquil is the feeling I get when I get to the Casa of my familia 
Trees and green fill the space as you arrive.
They seem to stretch out for ever into the horizon. Like our lives through legacy 
My Dads wall creations are constructed from rocks and boulders he found on the ranch.
One of my Mom's many outdoor plants 
Mi Abuelitos metate ..gifted to my mom from her was.used to grind the corn to make the masa for the corn tortillas 
Very personal picture here inside my parents house. I find my initials , well I do share them with my could very well be for him! 
my Mom is my biggest supporter ...LOVE HER and my Dad..blessings they are.

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