November 6, 2013

Fashion Week SA

Post fashion show , I always like the after math of the frenzy 
And here is whats left after the IADT Evolve Fashion show.
This was happening in the dressing area for the models , post show.  A model still feeling the 
rush of the runway....As you can
See people are exiting the room with their hands full. I love parents !
Mr. Clint always working late and fast , he shot my S/S 2014 Collection in October.
He said his computer crashed and he was running on empty....super trooper he is!
Bea Herico,One of the cutest models , I had her walk in my most recent show. And she is a doll.
This beautiful woman, Toni Lee Jimenez, owns the magazine " Chica Girl" available at all local HEB ,you can see her carry it with pride...empowering young girls one at a time.. Love the cover with J.Lo and of course her hi yellow jacket that looks stunning on her....keep inspiring sister!
Post show. Chairs are still in a orderly fashion.
My co-host for this evening Rita Hernandez smiling while chatting to hair artist Sam Paniagua 
All images by Agosto Cuellar all rights reserved.2013
 Some more...Post show frenzy
Lari Nelson of Agency talent , looking beautiful as always , telling me she has new models
That no one has seen before! I'm excited to work with her girls on my new lookbook.
Ms Yunger they call her.( her students) ...I call her Adrienne, my designer friend we go wayyy back!

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