December 18, 2009

I met the most handsome/beautiful Indian Man

This is not him...just a shade of what the most beautiful Indian man looked like. I was hired to be the DJ for a holiday party and he was part of the company men and he gave away the doors prizes, with clever wit.
tall, lithe,and stunning. " I just can't keep my eyes off of you"
He danced to Ceclia Cruz " Tiene Tumbow" .with movement and rhythym and quite the dancer.
how could i approach it, people gotta know. when they inspire, i did not want to let it pass
So I asked him to be  a model for one of my future collections and he said "it's about time".
.. I saw him as I was loading the equipment and were able to speak
briefly and he is vwey interested in doing the modeling thing..But I think he may be more of a Muse
I got drunk on tequila,vodka,wine and beer..So maybe i imagined more...But I have his business card, so a must!!

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Divya... said...

he isn't even handsome...i'm an indian gal & the guys here are far more handsome...this one was in a bogus reality show....talked totally dumb stuff....


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