December 7, 2007

Smithsonian Holidaze

15 Artisans were selected to showcase their Art-Jewelry-Clothes, to a selected audience of
supporters and donors to the museum, which included some serious "movers and shakers"
of the San Antonio art scene. what is that saying "money makes you many friends", well
watching the interactions of some it is clear that this is a elite rich group. Not a bad thing
when you are hawking your wares/art to them. Only thing is that we seemed like a distraction,
as EVERYONE was catching up on stocks, their various companies and boozing it up ( I mean socializing) . That no-one really noticed us as the Gems we were and the sales were sloppy at best. WE are getting one more chance on Sunday to display our goods, lets hope this crowd is aware of the talent presented for their entertainment.

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