November 26, 2007

Projection 2008: a Success!

The student showcase that I produced on Nov.17th, was a immense Hit, with a sold-out crowd.
We were turning people away at the door. The line to enter started to form around 6pm with the doors opening at 7pm and showtime at 8:30, by 7:15 or so, it was capacity. no more room.
The behind the scenes was intense:
8 designers, 45 looks, 45 models, 16 hair and make-up artists, 10 assistants, and then some
we had 2 venues to house all the designers and their crew, thanks to Lisa Weller who allowed us to use her new Hair salon, yet unopened, as a space to prepare. Dana of R.E.M gallery
also allowed us a brief resting spot(pictured above in Jhosiah Huerta).
Blue Star Brewing, also provided 2 spaces for our aspiring designers, one of them was lucky to get an outdoor 2nd story patio as their dressing space.
Others were in hallways, blocking doorways and being loud, causing tenants of the art compound to question our being there. A true happening.
D.J. Rise rocked the show.
the Designers stole the show.
Proud parents and family was in full support.
fashionistas and other local designers squeezed in to show support.
the Fashions were Fierce and Grand.
Every student designer showcased their work, to great responses.
smiling faces , happy hearts and big dreams collided on the runway.

thanks to All who supported this event, Loft 120, Frank and Troy, Labkids, Courtney,Kristine,Chip,Leonard and many more, due to the success of this show,
I plan on it being A annual event, allowing other aspiring local designers
a venue to showcase their creations and vision.
there is something going on here, a revolution of art and fashion.
San Antonio, Texas!, that's where I'm AT!

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