November 9, 2007


In a little over a week, the culmination of several fashion events that have filled my calender, since early July are coming to a close, the last fashion event I am producing for 2007., Happens
Nov. 17th, A student showcase titled: Projections 2008.
Eight aspiring designers, each in charge of all the things involved:
1.Motivation or Passion
3.execute garments models
5.find models
6.Hair & Make-up
7.Music for runway
Well not quite that easy, when you see it written , it seems easy.
I am one to know it is NOT, this is WORK, and this Hands-on Approach
to all the parts that make a runway show happen, allows the aspiring designer
input and knowledge in all parts of the production.
We are at the last details and the show is just a week ahead.
And the students are restless:
1.nervous calls from one, who has no models.
2.angry e-mails from another.
3.unexpected visits from one, to approve of their music selection.
4.and the quiet one, who made his own handbill,to promote the show.
the intensity is high and nerves are frayed, but the show must go on!
40 looks are expected to show that night.
I will bring you the Highlights soon.
This is the start of a annual showcase.

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