September 26, 2007

First Friday: San Antonio Street Style

Excited, that Alan (pictured above) and his assistant finished our First Friday display window,
He recreated the Jive logo, designed by the LabKids, earlier this year. This is Part of our "spring cleaning" in the Fall. I think in seasons, As a Designer my focus now clearly is on Spring.
Though, as the cooler weather approaches us Here in Texas humidity free, I see more of a effort from the Fashionistas gearing up to showcase their best winter/fall attitude/looks . That means many "looks" and personal styles will be emerging from all parts of the city, SOON.
and WE at Jive Refried, want to document and share these San Antonio Street Styles, as a ART Form.
This First Friday in October we launch : First Friday: San Antonio Street Style From S.Alamo Street. the process will include several "spotters": Kristina Marie, a young stylish trendsetter just back from Europe., 3 Student Designers who are putting together their first line to be shown in the student designer showcase on November 17th @ the LOFT 120-2 , entitled: "Projection 2008"., will also participate in this photographic happening. Though the exciting part is that I will be sharing these images with my blog readers from this Project.
So Please , Make sure everyone signs a Model release form!!!

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