September 23, 2007

Celia Cruz:The inspiration

met with Arleen, From The Museo Alameda's Gift shop , Regalos, to collect work (inventory) that had not sold like, the skull pendant made of alloy with rhinestone eyes or the mother pendant with the Virgen de Guadalupe image, half of the original stock was gone, which was good considering I really did not know the clientle the Museum would attract, an expierment that i thought would end as the exhibits change and other artists are brought in.
Though,I was prepared to show Arleen some new pieces i had just finished , they were stowed away in my bag for the right moment to happen , It did.
Though it did not get the reaction i expected, she liked them, but felt they were a bit unfocused for the the Gift shop.
I always knew , most of my work tends to spread out and mostly stands as individual pieces than part of a collection.
Ms. Arleen had other ideas.
Celia Cruz: Retrospective
Opens September, @ the Smithsonian Museo Alameda
My new inspiration, at least i had something that would be my Focus.
I already knew her next question.
and I already knew my response,
With only days to go, I agreed to Recreating some classic Celia Cruz jewelry.
With book in hand I left the Alameda gift shop determined to create 15 pieces .
This is my regalo, To a woman who gave us vibrant music and
Herself a fearless fashion innovator,
that can still be seen today, at your local gay bar sunday night Drag show.
Inspiration can be found; keen eye ..

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