September 20, 2007

Projection 2008: Students Designers

Met today with all the aspiring students designers, that responded to my initial quest of finding emerging Designers. Having been asked to speak, several times to students enrolled at The International Academy of Design and Technology, I found this to be a hub of new promising raw talent. I recruited 3 assistants for my "Art of Fashion" Line that Debuted in july and they were thrown right in the middle of all the behind the scences action, having to react and adjust , making sure that all my 20 models were ready for the Runway, at the all day event, With a 9pm. showtime.
My crew consisted of Jose,Marisela& Megan., Same crew that then proceeded to spread the word about this upcoming student designer showcase, that I am Producing with the assistance of Loft 120-2 at Blue Star Art Complex and LabKids.
As OF Today, I have 7 committed Student Designers on board:
1. Irma Garcia
2. Liz Hernandez
3. Jose Huerta
4. Valerie Martinez
5. Megan Mendoza
6. Josue Pacheco
7. Marisela Salinas

This is their opportunity to expierence, create, inspire, and be passionate about their work.,
As they prepare themselves for the Fashion Industry.
My goal to give them a smarter sense of reality , a more hands-on approach technique,
Never discouraging the power of School and a solid education.
I left the meeting feeling Inspiried and knowing that the committed ones were there
to acheive a dream and this was just another outlet for their creativity.

As for me, Oct 20th &Oct 27th loom near, the two dates for my last two shows of the year.
2 separate lines. One is a Showcase just for Me, It is being produced by LABKIDS.
I must have been crazy to say YES
but it just seems right to me.
I just have to work a bit later and longer
knowing it is all part of the business.

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Kimberly said...

yay! I found your blog. Awesome. Great job. You know i luv u Barbara Coa!


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