November 19, 2014

tutorial:Plaid military style Jacket with matching shorts. Winter update

The cold snap is here. And we want you to be warm and fashionable 
This is a great way to layer your garments under your winter coat
I Took basic military style jacket and added some modern elements
That can be found at your nearby Goodwill of San Antonio or where ever you are, 
Doing your art.

Found some patches for the side sleeve and for the front
And this multiple color studded belt provided the small studs needed.

Long pants  to use the extra fabric from cutting them into shorts ..then using the remaining fabric Leg panel by sewing it to the back of the jacket for a dramatic effect  $14.99pants 

Pin it all along the top of the jacket 

Then this is what it should look like in the back.

Sewed the patches. Then added the studs in random spots. Be creative and love your work.

I also used the hem of the other pant leg , to create a collar accent ..I love the look of all the matching plaid, you can always break it up with other plaids or animal print.
Hemmed the shorts and added one yellow stud to the front panel. Detail not derail.
Plaid Top shaw Style $4.99

Add a ethnic statement necklace  to finish off the look this whole outfit that was purchased at the Goodwill for $25. 
Have Fun thrifting till next Post!

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