November 26, 2014

Dos Tia's

Bueno pues mis dos Tia's ,vineron a visitor me, Ellas que no son mas de Años que yo por que Una vay a completár 55 Años de edad y la Orta 52 Años , seats dos Tia's son hermanas de mí mama Dominga, hija de Petra ellas son las mas joven de tods las Mujeres Garcia 
De la familia Garcia , Wawe y Lety .......
Mis Tia's I love them so much and I've learned quite a lot from them since we are close in age they lived in the projects, the Mirasol Courts
Donde mí abuelita Petra Garcia vivia en la Calle San Fernando atras de our lady of the lake university....honestly
I really only found out later in life that it was a place of higher learning, but it was barricaded by a huge concrete and metal fence with barbed wires at the top to keep all out but as a young brown kid it seemed like a hurdle to my Tia's show up at my work I'm DJing oitside under a beautiful south Texas sky sunny new indie tracks hot off the inter webs 
The 31st of December that her birthday! 
So my Tia Wawe. Is planning her birthday party she was hip...I remember her in her low rise bell bottom jeans sitting in the car listening to bad company , "the sky is burnin" with her friends hanging out, don't get wrong she is still hip today in her braided floral headband (throwing me some flower power bohemian shade) I love how things change but they really  stay the same. My Tia Lety is helping Wawe with the planning since we come from a very large family, you really can't invite everyone , it's just to many mouths to feed and no room , it can be overwhelming 
So they are trying, mainly Wawe to reduce the guest list to under 50. They have already stated no kids what so ever, si tienes que encounter Una babysitter pues you better do it, also only 1st cousins , and not any of their kids or their kids or their kids....really ....we do have that many family members , our Easter gatherings happen at a ranch at my sis 
We need the space and each sibling wears a certain colored shirt that their whole family wears so we can tell who's related to whom, so it looks like they have a small dilemma for the guest list.....cause if you don't invite one the other won't go..yeah that's another She asked me to DJ.
Since I have been the music guy all my life, grandma Petra would have me take the stack of 45's she just arranged in the order she selected  to be played in that sequence (Sometimes she let me play one of my 45's, very modern, very gay)
That's another cuento. Chicanos y Chican@s

Ohh so Petra , my grandmother was the first DJ in our family, honestly it was her love of music that drove me to appreciate all kinds of sounds, my job was to just take that stack of vinyl place it on the spindle and watch them drop and play , I was the actual DJ and she was the music programmer, it was her party at the projects. We all remember the parties, with music by Augustine Ramirez, Esteban Steve Jordan, little joe y la familia blasting out of the apartment in the Mirasol projects
But Tia Wawe is going with a 1970's theme for her party.
Everyone is encouraged to dress in costume period circa 1970-1979
Disco rock soul boogie to the Bop.
Aver como va.
Hasta proximo
El Chicana.
C/S 2014.
All rights reserved
Agosto Cuellar 

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