March 16, 2014

High glam on a low budget. The Spring Jackets make-over 2014.

Found this Westbound windbreaker with an interesting mesh lining that had the feel that I was looking for.

Proceeded to remove the lining carefully from the jacket, tried to keep it in tact , as much as possible
This will seem a lot larger , that's okay we will trim it down later

Found this slightly heavier cotton jacket that had the sweet 80's grandmother feel, yet still
Very busy in pattern with fun colors being shown in Spring summer collection for 2014.

Next I cut a half circle from under the armpit to the front buttons, leaving space to sew on other pieces of fabric

This is the back view , cut at the same angle. Do this on both sides of the jacket.
Found pieces that measure 12 inches by 4 inches , depending on the size of the jacket you are cutting up, you will need 4 pieces that measure the same size, in turn covering all the raw edges from the cuts done on the jacket. Find fun contrasting colors and designs to enhance the newness of your daring!
The pieces of fabric that make up a total of 4 pieces. 
Then continue to pin and sew the seam from the jacket to the seam of one of the four panels

It should look like this  in the front, when you sew the edges together
Sew then the two panels together at the side of the jacket
I also proceeded to shorten the sleeves, it gives it a lighter feel 
Taking off a bit of the weight.

This is the final outcome of the reimagined jacket
Next I added the mesh from the windbreaker over the jacket as a 
Second layer, after the next two images.
This is the back view 

Another finished view of the front
Tutorial images by Agosto 

Model Asaiah 
Image Kristel 
Styled Agosto
Hair & Makeup Kristel
Necklace Agosto 
Headpiece Agosto
Belt Goodwill
Location ESPACIO 

I belted it with alight pink leather suede belt with gold buckle 3.99
Necklace is ribbon with large pearl pendant, made by me 3.99
Headpiece made of styrofoam fruit to be light weight applied to a piece of metal alloy from a wall
wood decoration piece I then tied some ribbon on both sides to secure
on the hair. 7.99
Shorts ripped denim 
The Final model look:

Post production by Kristel Andrea Puente
Logo by Beau Vincent
Images by Kristel Andrea Puente

Buttons Franksbuttons 
Logo Troy 

The final magazine ready image ....all from Goodwill! 
Budget $25.
Have fun and happy thrifting 
You never know what you'll find

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Morena Hockley said...

Love it! I wasn't sure where it was headed but the final piece is stunning!


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