January 8, 2014

Layering for warmth with trends in affordable style.

With winter upon us in South Texas, it's cold outside.
I approached the Goodwill with layering in mind.
Create a current trend that has warmth,style and affordability.
My spending limit was $25.
( I did not include undergarments)

My first find was the find of the day and perfect to get this outfit going in the right direction
A pair of Faux leather gaucho pants in a dark rich brown $5.99

Then I found the true comeback story of the year in fashion, the Denim shirt.
Plus an added built in element , no sleeves..oh you rebel!  Denim is your friend. $3.99
Cotton 1970's bell-sleeved flower print top $3.99
The rich colors continue to find me , with this wool warm scarf, that kept the color palette, 
Yet different in design element. $1.99
Then the crochet beanie in light blue was a super find, to bring the color commotion together
Light simple crystal like earrings soften the look and give it a shot of glamour, every lady needs that!
Light blue & light pink rosary's $.99 each. For the current trend of the 1980s

Complete look under $25. 

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