January 27, 2014

Denim jacket upcycle.

With the denim jacket, making a big comeback on the fashion scene, a staple that is being giving the glamour touch, I wanted to share with my readers, a easy quick way of achieving the hot trend, by taking a vintage Levi's denim jacket, that had glue marks from previous patches and turning into a staple of your spring wardrobe I proceeded to take this jacket and add pearls 

I started on the top off the jacket and worked my way out
You will need:
White thread and needle 
Plastic pearls
Simple sewing technique

I applied the pearls over areas where dried glue from previous patches where.
This created a good starting point. It is time consuming but a form of therapy, for me.
As you progress the form can take any shape you desire, I went with a more abstract 
Flow to use less beads but creating an over all effect
Then came the classy part of the outfit
The men's white shirt that is also appearing on the style blogs as must have

Next I found this long cotton jersey skirt that had simple design 
I wanted the final look to have a glamour feel but still casual enough to sport in the day
Finding this hand sewn creation made of satin polyester circa 1960s, was the perfect match
It just need some updating. So I turn it around and made the back the front of the skirt
Folded the hem at the back slit and with very simple stitches created a geometrical element to this piece
The shoes were important they had to be flats, since the runway shows and designers are obsessed with flats, I choose a small wedge in white with neon green as accent
The finished look all for $25. Yes it's possible
All items were selected from local Goodwill stores.
Till the next time, I'm off to hunt for more GOODS!

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