November 20, 2013

Sound vision | Tracks & Bands for the 2nd week of November 2013

" I lost a confidante and lover now....I guess I found you out"
My top play this week , from rotations , comments and feedback
The honor goes to Sir Sly - Found you out.
Followed by these gems that are currently vying for space on the spectrum of sound
I call Agosto Radio. 
Inspired by what I love
In no order 

We are twin-the way that we touch
Youngblood Hawke-we come running
San Cisco-Beach
Leisure Society-Fight 4 everyone
Haim -Don't save me
Kings of Leon- Wait 4 me
US- Movement
MO-Dark night
Wildcat!Wildcat!-Garden Greys
Summer camp - Fresh
Citizens- True romance
Active Child-She cut me
Kisses-Air conditioning 
Blood diamonds-Ritual
Oh Land!-Pyro / my boxer
Tennis- mean streets
Santigold- shooting arrows
Broken bells- Holding on for life
Cut copy - we are explorers 
Dark side USA -paper trails
Lower dens-non-grata

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