October 6, 2013

X Marks the Spot :Love Letters To San Antonio by Mari Hernandez and Kristin Gamez

My super talented Chicana amigas got a grant from the city, to create an art project on empty downtown property store front windows. I am really honored to be included in this art installation by this two Fuerte intellegente y con pássion. As half of the Chicana art collective, MÁS RÚDAS. Raising awareness through dialogue in art that inspires allowing us to question
WHO Represents us? Who tells our stories? Who records them? And How? And most who hears them?....as inspiration. The four people they selected as "producers of culture, more humble than hype"
Agosto Cuellar , myself
Chris Davila, art historian
Danny Constante, entrepreneur 
Ruth Leona Buentello,artist

All the images are credited to Mari Hernandez 

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