October 2, 2013

Kisses. Live : The secret show

Yesterday in San Antonio, I was lucky to see and hear one of my new favorite bands...UPCLOSE. Kisses is a new wave pop rock group from LA, members are Jesse Kivel and Zinzi Edmundson.
They were in town, sponsored by Puro pinche Sa, A music and entertainment blog founded by my friend Stephanie Guerra.
Dressed as they are on the cover of their latest release, they looked casual and upbeat , in the crisp October night, with the Hilton Paseo Del Rio as one backdrop , another being the tower of the America's.,the free secret concert was held at the COS House in historic La Villita, downtown San Antonio.
 I had my IPad on hand to capture any images and sound of the night.
I was not recording the whole set , just capturing snippets of their performance
At the beginning of their 3rd or 4th song, Jesse called me out and said
"Love the guy with the IPad"
Everyone turns to me...attention all...
Why I doing something wrong I thought instantly?
Then he proceeded to give his approval of me with my device.
Futhermore, Everyone around me was taking images and shooting video on their phones, 
My phone sucks for images , so I used my IPad. Better clearer images

The guy next to me,said " I thinks he's cool with it, he smiled at you"
My friend Myra Alexander said" He noticed you, I think he liked it"
Either way..I had a blast here are some images from the night 
KISSES' Jesse Kivel spoke of me.

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