September 28, 2013

what I haven't got radio goo goo.

Short of it . Unfold ... upon me
The tears become splash ways for
Oncoming traffic, tire tears 
Impair my sight, the wipers 
Are not fast enough..orale
Who drives like that? One of us? 
She drives me crazy, I drive alone.
You see how she creeps in
And looks glamorous , " why not ? look good enough to wear! "
Shiny shiny good times behind me.
The two of them wanted of 82. The other was The sister who was the sweet
Blanche..the other baby Hudson....sweet sweet Jane.
Waiting just for me..that gilded fantasy belt

Then the roar was so silent
You couldn't hear it..loud as a tiger.
You're gonna hear me.........
See it.

We supply the hate....state of independence ....shocked ?  No,startled is a better word.

Ohh ohh hohoho...your gonna hear meROARRRR.
PRINCE ..key word!
Deceiver manipulation multiplication determination ...come on give me a break 
The Ritchie rich of them , beer steers and queers please dears.....when he appears 
Praise GOD , I DO.

HEART OF M-Fucking Glass....bitch!...
Why.....must you be so cruel
These numbered days ...fool
Us into thinking we have all the time
We don't 
Fragile human with a soul
Left to our own devices
Mi gente mi gente
Nacimos de la Raza cosmicá 
Poder de ser Fuerte 

Heavenly Father Almighty
I love you and worship you as my lord and savior
Who's only begotten Son, JESUS CHRIST, died on the cross that my SINS shall be clean as white linen. 
And when he returns..

I worn many faces and shown many hues
But I am really just from the beginning 
As an image in the screen.
Reality kings...never seen on tv..the sun always shines..

Propped up and looking demure
She contemplates 
As she sees herself 
As others see
To the folks and hugs to the masses.
This is radio Agosto 

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