August 22, 2013

Color/Coded - Fashion budget $25.

It's  back to school on a fashion budget, and in San Antonio, our public schools require students to wear a uniform which consist of white top and khaki bottom, it being national thrift day this last Saturday , I headed out to the Goodwill on the south side of town to find a stylish school color accepted uniform, that could be worn by a stylish college student or a budget fashionista. Could I do it?  WHITE AND KHAI ARE VERY PALE. So I decided it would be detail that I would look for. 
So if you're  in school or not come along for some inspiration.
Happy Hunting!

Found the khaki pants that had details, a side zipper, leather accent, leg zippers. 3.99
Side zipper detail
Narrow leg zipper detail
Found this sweet, almost handmade sweater, has the feel to soften up the look plus a dash of vintage classic $4.99
Simple sleeveless linen top $3.99
White man made material  belt with concha detail $1.99

And I was finding other stuff................
Like this awesome plaid skirt 
So very Fall!
I had to make it part of the look, the after school look!

Vintage plaid knee length skirt $ 3.99

And this beaded top..IN WHITE!
I could not pass this up.
* this is intended for someone 18 & older.

Daytime look simple and clean. Pair with flats and minimal jewelry.
Simple minimal jewelry
Add a tie and bossy it up!

Outfit # 2 
Into the evening classic and cool
Pair with statement necklace
And pearl bracelet by ac19

All the goods from Goodwill under our budget of $25.00 


turt said...

Hi Agosto, it's Turtle! I love that you're doing a blog. Super cute outfits! You have such a fabulous eye...I'm always amazed!

turt said...
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