August 5, 2013

Modern day twist on a button-up classic: DIY how-to-my-way.

Hello it's been fun in the sun... So Today I found a women's cotton button-up shirt
With the Santa Fe-Navajo design element, the first time it appeared on modern fashion was the late sixties, gaining trend status in the eighties ( from where this top finds us)
FAST FORWARD SUMMER 2013 : this look has become a staple, no longer just a fad.
Like animal prints..they are here to stay. So I decided to Upcycle the top into a modern day look by adding panels and some gathering techniques to the stomach-belly/button area, by cutting out that portion of the shirt, using the excess fabric from this and the cut-off sleeves, I made the panels and reattached them in a asymmetric style, also by sewing one inch from the side seams on the inside of the shirt , on both sides of the shirt, it creates a more feminine contour to the shape of the top, you can even include darts for the breasts, I decided to belt it instead with a faux leather belt of tribal design, I folded the shoulder excess fabric underneath, to  create a more dramatic shoulder ..also...By the way this is all still just attached with safety pins, The sewing part that keeps it all together.     The fun starts.....haha plus.....The necklace is made of safety pins and plastic beads attached to a gold chain. Total cost: $
Shirt: 3.99
Necklace: 2.99
= $6.98

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