June 19, 2013

Center City Show . May 28th 2013.

Held this past May in downtown San Antonio, at 201 W. Commerce, at the historic KRESS building across. From City Hall
The Center City Open House #1 was a huge success with over 300 people counted, bringing together artists Rex Hausmann, David Almaguer, & Kyle Martin.
Dance performance by: Ballet San Antonio
Fashion performance by : Agosto Cuellar
In partnership with The City of San Antonio, Department for Culture & Creative Development(CCDO),The Center City Development Office(CCDO),B-Y Properties, Office of Historic Preservation, Downtown Tuesdays and Goodwill San Antonio.
I was brought on through the DCCD to create a fashion element into the event, I was partnered up with Goodwill SA as a resource to select some fun fine garments from their store on De Zavala , there. I meet Cyndi, who helped me as
I whirlwind through the store and picked out what I Needed to get this look on track..

In these images from that night, four of my models are photographed for Sarah Brooke Lyons photo project 1005 FACES.
"Re-imagining the face of San Antonio as a Cosmopolitan epicenter of interesting people looking to create an awesome place to live" Congrats Sarah!

Great news to report I am now an OFFICIAL GOODWILL SAN ANTONIO BLOGGER. 2013
hunting Goodwill stores finding the goods and sharing the adventure, re-up-cycle , rediscover & refresh.
Thrift store style=original unique one-of.

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