December 7, 2013

Last night @Eat Bar.....freeze Friday Indie street beat radio show.

Here in San Antonio , I know we don't have it as bad  as in  other parts of the country, but it's still 
Cold, last night at First Friday it went down to 29 degrees , the people stayed in, the band cancelled
I , yours truly, was left as the sole entertainment....uhhm okay, I can do this! What's meow?
I set myself up inside the office with the the help of dalé chine Dale , then he had the bright 
Idea, instead of using the speakers on stands that I usually use, why not run me through the 
house PA system, I thought perfect , I have a microphone in my dj bag , now needed a mic stand, happen to have one in my car, all falling into place the beginning of friendly Agosto radio show. This is how things start.
We had freshly made Fideo with carne guisada, black beans, tostada strips from Sabores food truck.
Took some images with the Chili Queens , their ambassador series of customers/friends sitting at the wheel of the famous food truck eating some recently made Fideo , their version with corn chips and 
Cabbage, owner/chef Ana Fernandez directed and photographed the quick shoot 
Sean peezy at the bar, slinging to a few, the playlist was rockin the new swizzle , I was in radio voice.
And I loved it..away from view, in a warm capsule of sound.
Oh yeah...
I'm doing it again tonight
Indie street beat radio with Agosto Cuellar 
Alamo street Eat Bar

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