January 25, 2012

what a beginning of a year ...this 2012/

it has been fast and pretty furious , my beloved cat of 15 years was diagnosed with kidney failure and possible heart attack, I was beyond myself , I had thought of this day, which i knew would arrive,..but TODAY was the day (do you have oil in your lamp?). Blu Bexar had been acting a bit sluggish for a day or so, I noticed him at the water bowl for an hour, this was Thursday as i went to work, he was okay when i got back. then Friday i noticed his little tongue kinda barely sticking out..and his breathing was just a bit  faster..I left for work and when i got back late that night...I knew something was very wrong..it was 3am , I comforted him and held him, I know i didn't sleep much that night early Saturday morning, I saw that he was having a hard time walking.... I had to find a Vet to get to see him FAST...I called my Mom , who suggested I call my cousin Julie who loves cats and ask her, she suggested  SNAP , but when I got there with Blu in a blue laundry basket, the Doctor was not able to see him , so they sent me to a vet across the street,...got there CLOSED SATURDAYS! strike two, as I have my crying baby in the front seat with me..
I call my sister Sandra who says to come out to vet in Helotes, someone she knows, so of course
I start out to the country, when she rings me to inform me that the doctor had an emergency and had to leave the office...so she could not see us...WTH!!!  but she suggested we head immediately 
to I-10 Pet Emergency , There I go.....every light seemed like an endless stream of  anxiety and the cars all seemed to purposely get in my way..as I could not get there quickly enough..THIS WAS THE 4th place....AS soon as i walked in the office , the nurse took Blu from me and took him to the doctor, they sat me in a quiet room to compose myself and the doctor came to me quickly and said that Blu was in kidney failure and needed more aggressive care. They could not promise anything
I had to let him go,,he had been with me for fifteen years and he was tired and I told him ,when I saw him.. that it was okay, that i was going to be alright , so was HE.. my sister and niece and nephew were there to help me grieve..I did get to hold BLU before the euthanasia , and tell him how much I loved him...he was ready to go, as i handed him back to the doctor, his claw stuck to my shirt
his way of saying I love you.. I LOVE YOU TOO BLUE,  thank you for all he awesome memories 
from the moment you showed up at my door..barely born with your eyes still closed...you see , It was 1997 and I had just accidently just run over my cat, Deedeer, with my truck, as i was going to get him food.  I freaked out and my neighbors saw me, so the neighbor that worked in a Ranch in the Valley shows up at my door with two newborn kitties whom he had saved , because the mom had been killed by a predator trying to save her babies..WELL SHE DID...I remember feeding him with a tube drop , his eyes were still closed.
They both had found me ASTRO AND BLU , my babies ( I lost Astro in 2007 from a heart attack) .
these two darling animals that somehow found me, were an inspiration to me, they were stars in their own right, people loved them at the vintage store...sometimes they would ONLY come to see Astro or Blu , I got offered money..grandmas would bring their grandkids to show them the cats, tan grande que son and OH so Many pictures,,some days I had to put them away in the back because
people loved them so much , they would pick them up and kiss them and squeeze them, that after a while I would just say they were asleep in the back of the store....sorry  ...if this happen to you!
I was only protecting them..Now I just remember them and know that they were my angels sent to watch over me and they still do, I have faith to believe ...
they just would get annoyed and so would I 
OH yeah my barrio couture class just got cancelled today....

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