September 5, 2011

Latest entry into the jive zone

Watch it..!! the fifth episode of  JIVETOWN  , the web-series based on the antics and characters of the vintage store Jive Refried, in Southtown /King William, the ARTS district in San Antonio, Texas..With one more episode to air this thursday , it will round out the first season . And that's where we/I stand. Things have been quick and strange, productive and collection for 2012 "Glyph" is way behind track , my life has demanded more of my time and my work has taken a hit, But the show must continue and the Una Noche de La Gloria " Runway en La calle" is set to happen October 8th on the historic westside of San Antonio, my beloved city of Artist I will provide  images and info on that,. in future posts.
***last night / went to my latest  hang-out / kinda out /out of the way, but not.
few of my "friends" know this place to dance and drink,on an artist's budget..que si
I get there. I am having my first drink Vodka/cranberry/no lime..Please. the music is pure san anto
Cumbias..the good ones. I notice a young blond (bleached to root) girl, looking and talking loudly from across the smoke-less bar. this goes on I pay only a little mind to it.Please vodka/cranberry /no lime.
I move to another part of the club and that's when i see her coming right me..The BLONDIE.
(wear i write this I am wearing a blondie t-shirt with Debbie Harry "Rip her to shreds")
que ironic/
First words out of her mouth  " You kicked me out of your store , two years ago and I wanna know why"
Me: Hi, okay who are you?
Blondie: "you were an asshole and I wanted you to know"
Me "Look, I don't remember you and that's been a long time ago and my store has since closed"
Blondie: "I'm content, but not satisfied'
Me  sorry that went down, can we just get past it and shake hands ..a hug no hard feelings, I must have had a reason
me: look no need to cuss me out , i could do the same, at your level
 Me; This is not going no where, get out of my face!
As I walk away....and leave the bar
trouble seeks you out 
how you react is the test.
if you let people get to you, they will
con safos..homie
their is this little homie
where i dj who is necio y nasty
all tattooed, bueno boys and girls

chew the gristle

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